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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questionnaire Response To Question #7

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!

Questionnaire Response to question #7:

What Do You Look For When Visiting A Blog?

Inspiration/Beautiful cards/a personal glimpse.

How people have used tools and supplies in a way that is creative and different.

I’m looking for beautiful cards that will inspire me to create my own beautiful cards. I like it when bloggers post regularly as I love to get lots of inspiration from my favorite bloggers. I like to find out how they did certain things on their cards (such as a tutorial), but I prefer photos and written instructions instead of videos (only because my internet connection is slow and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to download and watch a video).

I love to see what other people create, because often you can see the love that they put in their creations. I also am inspired by other blogs.

Exciting and different work, someone creating something different.

Some I check for new ideas, some for inspiration, some for the personalities of the blogger. I have found some fantastic blogger friends whom I know I will probably never meet but we cheer each other on. Great cyber buddies!

I look for tutorials, beautiful and inspiring creations, candy.

Interesting creations that can inspire me.

Inspiration and tutorials (or at least good photos as I’m fairly good at copying on my own with out spelled out directions). I also like variety.

I look at blogs for inspiration – techniques – versatility, etc.

I love 3D and I always look for 3D projects and any unique creations.

Fab ideas!!

I like to see the imagination of people and also their creativity. It is wonderful to make new friends.

Instructions, a pretty project, a clean layout (not too busy).

I mainly look for inspiration. I love to get new ideas and learn new techniques.

This is a hard one to answer. I think when I visit a blog there has to be something that catches my eye, a project that isn’t the norm. Perhaps a 3D item that I haven’t done before, or someone making something with a specific die, but turning it into an item you would least expect.

Imagination! Pretty ideas that help my imagination come to life.

Unique project ideas and ways to create that I haven’t thought of before. Also, simple cards and projects are good too!

I look at creation, read about personal information, try to learn from it.

Like minded friends, who show their ideas very generously, in a clear and readable manner. I also prefer an uncluttered layout that is easy to read.

Ideas for cards, scrapbook pages and 3D items. I really like Clean and Simple WOW cards as well as the more detailed work. It’s obvious to me when someone has put a lot of thought and effort into their creations.

Tomorrow's responses are to the question #8:

What Keeps You Returning To A Blog?

I am happy that you have come to visit my blog today! We are getting ready here in this part of WI to be hit with another snowstorm on Friday - at least 6 inches! It is so cold here - 1 degree and 25 below wind chill!!!! I don't even want to think about going out tomorrow morning!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for sharing these.
I hope your snowstorm isn't too bad. We're supposed to get a little snow here today, but haven't seen any yet.

Ann said...

it's snowing here right now but I don't think we're expecting as much as you are. Stay warm

Auntie Em said...

The replies to the questions have been so interesting.
Thank you for sharing them! :)