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My Whimcees

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Note Pad Holders


Today I have a wonderful project to share with you but sadly, some terrible photos! I apologize at how dark they are but could not get better results from my camera this morning no matter what I tried! So hopefully you will enjoy the project itself and then go to the site where you can see them in much better photos and either order the kits or the plastic holders and supplies to make your own! :<)

The site is my friend Patty's Stampin' Up blog at and if you go to her October 17th post you can see all of her beautiful photos of the holders included in the kit. Tell her Barbara Diane sent you! I loved making these and now want to make some with covers of a stamped design I think. I have written Patty to see if she is going to offer this again in a new set of designs and am hoping the answer is yes - she used her Digital Studio to create the covers and her designs are beautiful. The kit includes the covers, card stock, calendars, tablets and the plastic holders for all 4 designs. Love it!

This one is my favorite and I am keeping it for myself I think.

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! I am behind as usual with my return visits! Too many issues here but I keep working at it! I hope you have a nice day! Tonight I am keeping my fingers crossed for my guy Tony to win on Dancing With The Stars! He is such a great person and this HAS to be his year! I love some of the others too, but Tony so deserves it! :<)

Barbara Diane


Ann said...

Your pictures look just fine on my computer and those are fabulous. I love them. I especially like the Christmas design

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, these are great. I love the covers. TFS.

Linda said...

What a lovely creations
hugs Linda

debby4000 said...

Oh these are so beautiful, I think you should keep the first one too.

Lisa said...

Those are really beautiful. I love the one your considering keeping for yourself.