My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Amaryllis In The Early Morning Sunshine


No cards to share - today is 10 days now fighting this viral nastiness. I have not been this ill in many years. So with no cards being made I thought I would share some loveliness with you - photos of my blooming Amaryllis in the early morning sunshine. The colors are so beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope to feel well enough soon to get back to creating! Wishing you good heath and sunshine this week!

Barbara Diane

Monday, January 23, 2012

Play It Again Sam


Today's card is showcasing one of Sassy Cheryl's digi images "Play It Again Sam Snowman" and he is putting so much love into the playing of his song. I am entering the card into Sassy Cheryl's Challenge Blog where the theme this challenge is "Something Bright and Cheery to Chase Away the Winter Grey". Go here to check it out

I'm happy that you have stopped by to visit me today - I hope that you like the card. I have been ill these past few days with a severe cough and sore throat - wheezing - cold symptoms with fever. I may not be posting for a few days until I feel better. Going out in the cold and snow to clean and move the car every day and then no heat here in the building on Saturday hasn't helped the situation.

It is snow/rain again here this morning - icy road conditions - supposed to snow all day into evening. I can't think about going out again to do the clean off and move the car thing - want to just stay on the couch under my blanket with my Puffs with lotion, Vicks, cough drops, Tylenol and my library book. But no, it will be coat, hat, gloves, boots and snow brush - coughing non stop, eyes watering so I can't see because of my glasses and trying to use my Puffs to wipe my nose and eyes with my gloves on and not drop the stupid brush. :<)

Wishing you a happy day!

Barbara Diane

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Final Response To Questionnaire - Question #9

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!


Today's responses are to the final question of the Questionnaire - #9:

Do You Leave A Comment Each Time You Visit A Blog?

I will leave comments on pages that wow me or if they have visited my blog. I leave comments on several entries in the same challenges I enter. I try to word my comments with some interest and not just the normal short reply, but that can be time consuming.

Yes, most of the time.

Not each time (internet connection is slow). However, every time I see something inspiring or a creations that I love I will always comment on it.

I am not leaving a comment every time I visit a blog because I follow over 250 blogs so that takes a lot of time. But I try to comment as often as I can. Maybe when everybody has no word identification on their blogs, I will comment more because then it’s easier to leave a comment.

Mostly, not always.

Hmmm – I try. Especially if the post is about something that really inspires me or catches my eye. It’s like peeking into someone’s house without letting them know you are there, quite rude IMHO. BUT if the site is covered with ads or things they are selling, then I feel it’s really a store and I don’t always acknowledge each visit. Same as when I walk into a brick and motar store. If I find nothing to buy, I don’t usually run over to the clerk and tell them they are doing a great job, KWIM. If I stop to watch a video or follow a tutorial I always let the blogger know I did and thank them.

No, only occasionally as I read blogs from Google Reader.

Always if I have the opportunity.

No, in fact I seldom do. (sorry)

No, not each time.

Most of the time I did leave a comment when I visited a blog.

Only when I think “WOW” with something I have seen.

Yes, I think it is very important for the owner of the blog to know of my friendship and the affection I feel for her and her work.


Most of the time. Sometimes, when I’m rushed, I’ll look ad run, but I try to come back later.

Sad to admit that because of time constraints I don’t always leave comments, however I like to try as I think this is what keeps people posting.

I don’t always because of time constraints, but I do let them know when I really like something.

Not each time. I leave comments if a project really stands out to me. I follow over 50 blogs (managed through Google Reader) and comment only when something touches me.

Yes, sometimes when they ask.

I usually try to, unless it is something I really hate.

Not always, because I visit so many blogs. However, if I’m really inspired or just really impressed with something I definitely leave a comment.

So ends the Blog Candy Questionnaire. Thank you again to all of you who took the time to respond - your input was wonderful and I was happy to be able to share it with everyone! We have LOTS of snow here in this part of WI - snow falling all day and I just now cleaned off my car and moved it for the last time today! Wishing you a happy weekend!

Barbara Diane

We have no heat in the apartment BUILDING – all 3 floors. This should be an interesting day. I have my birds in the bathroom where there is a small electric heater – I have been ill with a cough and sore throat so this is not too good for me either. Management just put in a new furnace this summer – guess it doesn’t work. The temperature here this morning is -6 degrees. The high for today is to be 23 degrees – think we will get down to that inside? People started calling at 5:00 am and it is now 8:30 and no one here yet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Questionnaire Response To Question #8

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!

Questionnaire Response to Question #8:

What Keeps You Returning To A Blog?

If I feel a personal connection with the blogger or if they return comments on my blog. And I use the dashboard to get a quick view, if I see something interesting there I’ll check it out.

Genuine creativitiy and information, not just plugging a company.

Beautiful creations. Regular blog posts.

I am always curious what they have now created again.

Same as 7.

Same thing as in #7.

Beautiful and inspiring creations.

Same as 7.

Regular posting (at least once a week which is about how often I make the rounds of all the ones I have bookmarked).

The addiction of blogging. I love blogging.

My friendship with the blog owners plus their beautiful creations.

A good sense of humor and fab ideas!!

Friendship and the beauty of the work that I find.

Fun ideas, new things to look at.

I mainly return to a blog that continuously has content that I like and ideas and techniques I would like to try. Also when the owner of the blog is friendly and lets you know they appreciate your visits, it’s nice to go back.

All of the above, something unusual, regular posting, and quirky journaling.

I like their work, creativity, personality!

Interesting projects, a dedicated and personable blogger, and unique posts.

What’s new there.

Same answers really as in Number 7.

Really good work.

Tomorrow's responses are to the question #9 - the final question of the Questionnaire:

Do You Leave A Comment Each Time You Visit A Blog?

I am happy that you have visited my blog today!

Barbara Diane

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Questionnaire Response To Question #7

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!

Questionnaire Response to question #7:

What Do You Look For When Visiting A Blog?

Inspiration/Beautiful cards/a personal glimpse.

How people have used tools and supplies in a way that is creative and different.

I’m looking for beautiful cards that will inspire me to create my own beautiful cards. I like it when bloggers post regularly as I love to get lots of inspiration from my favorite bloggers. I like to find out how they did certain things on their cards (such as a tutorial), but I prefer photos and written instructions instead of videos (only because my internet connection is slow and it takes a ridiculous amount of time to download and watch a video).

I love to see what other people create, because often you can see the love that they put in their creations. I also am inspired by other blogs.

Exciting and different work, someone creating something different.

Some I check for new ideas, some for inspiration, some for the personalities of the blogger. I have found some fantastic blogger friends whom I know I will probably never meet but we cheer each other on. Great cyber buddies!

I look for tutorials, beautiful and inspiring creations, candy.

Interesting creations that can inspire me.

Inspiration and tutorials (or at least good photos as I’m fairly good at copying on my own with out spelled out directions). I also like variety.

I look at blogs for inspiration – techniques – versatility, etc.

I love 3D and I always look for 3D projects and any unique creations.

Fab ideas!!

I like to see the imagination of people and also their creativity. It is wonderful to make new friends.

Instructions, a pretty project, a clean layout (not too busy).

I mainly look for inspiration. I love to get new ideas and learn new techniques.

This is a hard one to answer. I think when I visit a blog there has to be something that catches my eye, a project that isn’t the norm. Perhaps a 3D item that I haven’t done before, or someone making something with a specific die, but turning it into an item you would least expect.

Imagination! Pretty ideas that help my imagination come to life.

Unique project ideas and ways to create that I haven’t thought of before. Also, simple cards and projects are good too!

I look at creation, read about personal information, try to learn from it.

Like minded friends, who show their ideas very generously, in a clear and readable manner. I also prefer an uncluttered layout that is easy to read.

Ideas for cards, scrapbook pages and 3D items. I really like Clean and Simple WOW cards as well as the more detailed work. It’s obvious to me when someone has put a lot of thought and effort into their creations.

Tomorrow's responses are to the question #8:

What Keeps You Returning To A Blog?

I am happy that you have come to visit my blog today! We are getting ready here in this part of WI to be hit with another snowstorm on Friday - at least 6 inches! It is so cold here - 1 degree and 25 below wind chill!!!! I don't even want to think about going out tomorrow morning!

Barbara Diane

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Questionnaire Response to Questions #4, #5 & #6

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!

Questionnaire Response to a combination of questions #4, #5 and #6:

Do You Sell Your Work/Tutorials On Your Blog?
Do You Create Videos?
Do You Advertise?

(work/tutorials) No. I wish I could. I need to learn more about that.
(video) No– would like to but I don’t have the necessary technology.
(advertise) No, does it help?

(work/tutorials) Yes.
(video) Yes.
(advertise) Yes.

(work/tutorials) I don’t sell any of my work on my blog. Nope.
(video) Don’t have the time. (I have 2 boys, aged 4 ½ and 2 ½ - I say no more!) (advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) I am not selling on my blog, but I have my own website and there I sell my creations.
(video) No I don’t.
(advertise) No I don’t.

(work/tutorials) No.
(video) No.
(advertise) I link to companies but don’t advertise as such.

(work/tutorials) No. I don’t sell anything or charge for teaching, but I love to help anyone who asks for it.
(video) No.
(advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) No.
(video) No.
(advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) Yes, sometimes.
(video) No.
(advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) N/A
(video) N/A
(advertise) N/A

(work/tutorials) Well, I would love to sell. I have posted tutorials as well (to date only one).
(video) Not yet.
(advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) I sold my finished creations at craft shows.
(video) I did not create a video and will not create a video.
(advertise) I don’t advertise.

(work/tutorials) No.
(video) No.
(advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) Yes, when people ask me – but I do not live this work.
(video) Do not create videos.
(advertise) Do not.

(work/tutorials) I have an Etsy shop, but have only sold one item. Again, I don’t have enough confidence. I think that there are millions of crafters out there that can make beautiful things on their own, so why would anyone want to buy mine? (video) No.
(advertise) I have an FB page.

(work/tutorials) I have a link to my Etsy store on my blog where I sell some of my cards.
(video) No.
(advertise) I occasionally advertise things like blog hops and events for stamp companies.

(work/tutorials) I don’t sell anything on my blog. However I do have a few shops that do sell handcrafted items and they take a lot of my work.
(video) I have a few DVDs that I provide for local crafters in SA as well as I do a few workshops a month.
(advertise) No I don’t advertise. Mostly people know about me by word of mouth and since I had a shop and have been working in the industry a number of years, they know me. I also have been a guest on a few TV shows locally.

(work/tutorials) I don’t sell on my blog, but I sell on my website – only my work, no tutorials.
(video) No, I don’t know how to do that yet.
(advertise) I tried but it’s only costing me money and not generating work so I’m stopping.

(work/tutorials) I have used my blog to show people the kits I have for sale and have sold kits that way.
(video) I created a few videos, I would like a tripod before attempting this again, as my homemade “camera holder” crashed a few times.
(advertise) No. I think it’s a good idea tho.

(work/tutorials) No.
(video) I’m trying to learn – it’s tough.
(advertise) Nope,

(work/tutorials) No. Anything on my blog so far is free for anyone to try. All I ask is that they give me credit for anything that I created.
(video) Not for my crafting.
(advertise) No.

(work/tutorials) No, but I’ve thought about it.
(video) No, but I’ve thought about it.
(advertise) I have a Facebook page, but other than that, no.

Tomorrow's responses are to the question #7:

What Do You Look For When Visiting A Blog?

I am happy that you have come to visit my blog today! Thank you!

Barbara Diane

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Questionnaire Response to Question #3

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!

Questionnaire Response to Question #3

Do You Enter Challenges?

I love challenges and I find it’s the only way I get any traffic to my blog.

Sometimes, not always, as very early on in my blogging experience I was in a swap and got ripped off with a heap of tags I had spent hours on and got nothing in return.

I do enter challenges and I really enjoy them. I particularly enjoy sketch challenges and theme challenges. I don’t really enter to win the prizes (although that would be a bonus), more to just inspire me to create.

Yes, I love challenges.

Yes, lots.

Not usually. I have entered a few things in a couple scrapbooking forums I belong to but not on card site challenges. I feel way out of m league when I look at the ones already entered.



Very infrequently. I scrap so slowly and am not the type that can force my work.

Yes, I do.

I enter challenges only if it fits with what I have created like “anything goes” challenges.

Yes, I love to be challenged!!

My challenge is to make a smile on people’s faces when visiting my blog.

Not very often. I don’t have enough confidence in my abilities, so I have not done any.

Yes, as often as I can find one that fits my project.

I do enter challenges, not as much as I would like to, but I don’t really think this hobby is about reward and prizes. For me it’s a pleasure to enjoy at my leisure, after the kids go down at night and I can unwind.

I try to when I have time.

I enter challenges within my team and use the challenges in my creating, but often find little time for online challenges within the challenge deadlines.

Yes, I do.

Occasionally, but not often.


Tomorrow's responses are to a combination of the questions #4, #5 and #6:

Do You Sell Your Work/Tutorials On Your Blog?
Do You Create Videos?
Do You Advertise?

I am happy that you have come to visit my blog today! Wishing you a day of sunshine!

Barbara Diane

Monday, January 16, 2012

Questionnaire Response to Question #2

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire!

Questionnaire Response to Question #2

What Motivates/Inspires You To Create?

Anytime I have available I want to play with all my tools and supplies.

Looking at other people’s creations and everyday objects.

I love sketches and challenges. I love cardmaking and I have a lot of supplies that have been sitting in my desk for ages that I need to use! I hate purchasing cards from shops, I think it’s much nicer to create something for people.

Everything inspires me, sometimes it’s something that I see or hear that gives me an idea. But sometimes I go to create and I don’t know what to make and then my hands create something by themselves.

OK – how long do you have for me to answer this one lol! My surroundings and the changing seasons, other people’s work and blogs, themes, challenges, the need for a card for a reason, sometimes just to try to keep my sanity.

I have always liked paper and glue glitter so it wasn’t a far stretch to get into paper crafting. I enjoy the hobby just for the sheer pleasure I get from it and not necessarily to give.

Beautiful projects by bloggers, manufacturer’s websites, challenges sites.

Making cards calms me and gives me great pleasure.

Seeing lovely things that others have made.

Hmmmm – anything which matches my taste inspires me.

Comments that are left by lovely people like yourself and inspiration from other’s creations.

Many, many other creative crafters who have blogs. I never tire of seeing other’s work.

I have many ideas in mind and a great imagination.

I see crafting as a therapy of sorts. I am a homey type of person. My children are still little and we don’t get out too much, but crafting makes me happy. To see something made out of nothing is so much fun. I love to blog hop and get inspired by others and try to recreate stuff that they’ve done.

Everything, holidays, my kids, birthdays, DT responsibilities, trying new things.

I love to be busy. I come from a family of hobbyists, is there such a word, so it was inevitable that I should have a hobby. I started out as a scrapbooker and was teaching for quite awhile as I had a shop, then it developed into this passion for all things paper related. I am inspired by the everyday things in life, color as you walk down a street on a summer/autumn day. Where I live in Africa we have such a vast canvas for inspiration, so every day just taking in the wonders of creation I guess inspire me.

Looking through blogs online, or when I have a card order, or a friend/family member’s occasion.

Other people’s creations and special occasions (birthday, Christmas, baby, wedding).

Everything that I see around me.

I love playing with crafty things of all kinds. I also enjoy creating something special for others.

Usually something I’ve seen on someone else’s blog, Splitcoaststampers or Stampin’ Connections.

Tomorrow I share the responses to Do You Enter Challenges?

I am happy that you stopped by today! Wishing you a happy one!

Barbara Diane

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog Candy Questionnaire Responses

A huge thank you and a big hug to my blogger friends Carol, Valita, Carla, Linda, Anne, Emily, Heaney, Zlatina, Lisa, Neha, Helen, Diane, Duendes, Dorcas, Rhonda, Paola, Kimberly, Jill, Megha, Maggie and Jamie for taking the time to respond to the questionnaire! Your input was so insightful and helpful to me and now, as promised, I share the results with all of you.

Blog Candy Questionnaire Response to Question #1

Why Do You Have A Blog?

To share my creative impulses; :<) It’s like show and tell – and hopefully to get some feedback.

I started my blog to share my talents with the wider world.

For personal satisfaction and to try and make me create a bit more often.

Because I want to share my creations with other people, so that they maybe will be inspired.

To share my work, to enter challenges, to show off DT stuff.

I started my blog as a way to share my cards and Los with other paper crafters. I was so shy at first I didn’t want anyone to know I had even started it. Not a great way to share, was it? :<) After having it now for a couple of years I have found it a great way of journaling and watching my progress as a crafter.

To post my papercrafting creations, to participate in challenges.

In my blog I post things that I do.

I don’t but I really appreciate those who take the time to do it.

I have a blog because blogging is the best way to show yourself to the world.

I created my blog a little over 2 years ago to share my creations and to communicate with other ladies who have the same interest.

To share my creative ideas and hope someone gets inspired.

It was a gift from my sister, she wanted me to share my work with others.

I have a blog because when I first started learning to craft I like that people were sharing with each other and wanted to make new friends.

I mainly started a blog because I wanted to share my love of paper crafting.

Initially I started my blog to just have somewhere to share what I spent most of my time doing and what I enjoyed, so I guess it was just the idea of sharing a few of my ideas.

I originally started a blog to get more traffic to my website.

To engage with friends and fellow crafters. I also want it to help build my business, but I’m not there yet.

As I gave title to my blog “Imaginatons of the mind go to this blog”.

I was encouraged to start by a good friend and family member. I then found it so fascinating and helpful to see what other people are doing, and pick up ideas and clever tips from them.

To share what I create and hopefully attract customers.

Tomorrow's responses are to the question: What Motivates/Inspires You To Create?

I am happy you stopped by today! Wishing you a good Sunday afternoon!

Barbara Diane

Friday, January 13, 2012

Know What Day IT IS!


I LOVE this image! LOVE it! From the first time I saw it I wanted to use it on a card but until today I did not know how to do it other than in the "I forgot" sense. It was this morning when I realized it was Friday the 13th - that I knew that this was the card I would make using this image. This cutie is called "Whoops!" and is one of Sassy Cheryl's digital images. Isn't she great?

I saw on a challenge blog that they were doing paper piecing and as I love detail and 'fussy cutting' as most of you know, I started with the idea to enter this challenge using this sweetheart as she was a perfect image to use for this technique - BUT today when I went to enter my card on that blog I saw that it had 'expired 78.5 minutes ago'! Oh No!

Well, I missed that one - but it was great inspiration for my card and I still could enter it in the other two challenges that I had created it for! Sassy Cheryl's Blog "Show Me" was one and Simon Says Stamp! challenge of "Spots &/Or Stripes" was the other one. I had such fun making this - as I was in my element! I started out to just make the one card but of course could not waste the reverse images when I could cut out more pieces! So here it the second creation.

Isn't it amazing how the identical image can look so different with a change of colors/papers? (Good thing to keep in mind that one printing of an image on your patterned paper can be used to make two different looking cards!)

You can see Cheryl's challenge blog here: and you can see Simon's challenge here: Have fun looking at all of the wonderful entries and be sure to enter your own creations! I forgot to tell you that last Thursday, January 5th, I was one of the lucky winners on Cheryl's blog! It was so exciting to see my name and I can tell you that I lost no time at all collecting my image! :<)

Wishing you a great weekend! We have snow and more snow here in this part of WI - as do so many states with their first real snowfall. I am late today because of the cleaning off my car, moving it, etc. but we are to have some warm days next week! After a very gloomy morning (explains dark photos) we now have sunshine so that is good! Take care!

Barbara Diane

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clean & Simple with a Super Simple Sketch


It's a new challenge at Mo's Digital Challenge blog with a theme of "Clean & Simple" and that fit in perfectly with the "SUPER SIMPLE sketch" challenge at Just Us Girls! So I entered this card in both! I used Mo's digital image 'You're My Best' and she is so sweet!

Mo's Digital Challenge at
Just Us Girls at

I am happy that you came by to visit today! We are having SNOW here in thid part of WI - 2" so far and another 2" to go. It was 52 degrees yesterday! I just came in from cleaning off my car, moving it for the plow and then moving it back. Here we go again! I'm getting too old for this!

Barbara Diane

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WOYWW Share - A Sassy Cheryl's Challenge Entry


Today my WOYW Wednesday share is a card that was created using the sweet "Sally And Her Bluebirds" - a Sassy Cheryl digital image. I submitted the card on the Sassy Cheryl's Challenge Blog, where the challenge is 'Let It Snow with a SKETCH' - which was great fun! I have discovered that I love having a sketch for inspiration! Go to and add your card! And don't forget to check out the Stamping Ground blog to see all of the wonderful creations on What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday at

I'm happy that you stopped by today! It was 52 degrees again here in this part of WI and beautiful - BUT - we have snow and wind expected tonight and a winter warning for the next 24 hours! When I was at the grocery store today it was packed with shoppers! Parking spaces were few and far between and everyone getting supplies 'before the storm' - is it really supposed to be that bad or are we a bit spoiled after all the nice weather? I'm hoping for the best!

Wishing you good weather where you are!

Barbara Diane

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have A "Micey" Nice Day!


Today's card is my entry into the "Penny Black Saturday Challenge" - the first challenge of 2012 - where we are asked to CASE-IT from the design team member's card. I love having a sketch to go by or some direction given, especially if I am needing the push. This sketch was great fun to follow and the entries are great! Go to to see for yourself and enter your card!

I'm happy you stopped by today! Wishing you a happy one! We are having unbelievably mild weather here in this part of WI - in the 40's every day and it is January! I guess in a day or two it is to end and snow flurries and colder weather are forecast. I look at the photos I took of past blizzards and it seems unreal.

Take care. Please do come back again! Hugs and Thank you! to all of you who leave me your comments! I know how difficult it is to have the time to do this and I appreciate the kindness!

Barbara Diane

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sophie in Colored Pencil


My sight is really bad today so very late in getting a card posted. I have not used my colored pencils for months so decided to create this card with them today. I used a marker to make the dots and outline the papers but the coloring of Mo Manning's "Sophie" is done with the pencils and will be entered on Mo's Challenge blog where this week it is "Anything Goes" - see you there!

I am happy that you stopped by today - wishing you a happy evening!

Barbara Diane

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Make A Tag and Love And Hearts


This week on the "Penny Black's Saturday Challenge" blog the challenge is to "Make A Tag" - so check it out at the designer team's creations are awesome!

On the Penny Black "Allsorts" blog the challenge is "Hearts and Love" and the Design Team has some wonderful creations! Go to for inspiration!

This is my entry into both challenges. I love this little guy from Penny Black's "Critter Party" transparent set - he is so cute! How could anyone resist him!

I'm so happy you stopped by today! Wishing you a happy day!

Barbara Diane

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WOYW? Wednesday - The Finished Stationary Set


It's the first What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday share of 2012.

I can finally show you the photos of the finished stationary set as it has been received by the person it was created for - so I no longer have to keep it secret! When asked for her preferences she sent me her color choices and said that she is often late with her correspondence. She sent me Mo Manning's "Sorry Shanna" image to use and she is perfect! This little cutie says so sweetly, "Im so sorry to be late!"

The stationary set includes four 5 1/2" x 8" cards with envelopes, four 3" x 3" cards with envelopes, four bookmarks and a address book.

Thanks for stopping by today! It's time again to see all of the creations on work tables everywhere! Go to to check them out and add your own link to what you are working on!

Barbara Diane

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Set of 3" x 3" Thank You Cards


I have been making sets of little 3" x 3" thank you cards using different designer papers. Easy to make and look great! This is one of my favorites.

Thanks for stopping by today! Wishing you a good one!

Barbara Diane

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Five Favorite Cards of 2011 Challenge Entry


My friend Debby of Scrap Journey fame is having a "Best Five Cards of 2011 Challenge" on her blog with an option to win some great blog candy. She will be drawing a winner on Friday, January 6th, so you still have plenty of time to add your link to the list! So many wonderful creations by all of you over the past year - let's see your best five! Be forewarned, it is very hard to choose just five - even Debby found it difficult! :<)

Here are my five choices - they all have special meaning to me.

Thanks for stopping by today! Wishing you a great first week of 2012!

Barbara Diane