My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Gift For Martha, The Mother of the Bride


Aren't surprises fun? Today I am sharing one we had happen at our home! I received a package in the mail for Martha, the Mother of the Bride doll. Martha was beside herself with excitement! "My own mail? Quick, open it! Oh, what can it be?" I opened the box and inside was a small box and a letter just for her which said . . . . .

I have enclosed two versions of this pendant.

One is a quick version for when you are puttering around the house or chopping wood.

The other is a true Wire Wrapped piece of art for attending weddings, graduations,opera, etc.

Hope you enjoy your new necklace.

Richard Juel Nielsen the first.

I opened the little box and in it was an unexpected and wonderful gift for Martha from my brother Richard. He had recently begun to make beautiful wirework jewelry and has been sending me photos to show me his progress. Nestled inside the box on some fluffy filling were a tiny chain and two beautiful necklace cameos that Richard had created for Martha! We were both in awe! "Oh my" said Martha "are these both for me?"

Martha was so touched by this kindness! She had been secretly wishing for a necklace she told me, but she didn't want to hurt my feelings as she loved her outfit and her earrings! But didn't I agree that a necklace was the perfect final touch? "Perfection!" I agreed. We had great fun with the trying-on and photographing the two beautiful cameos. Which one do you like best?

This One . . .

or This One . . .

Martha loved them both so much that she couldn't decide which one to wear! "I don't want to put one away when I wear the other!" she said. After thinking for awhile, with a twinkle in her eyes and smiling her sweet smile, she said "I know! I will wear the other on as my purse decoration!" And so she did - and now she stands on the shelf in all her glory. Happy as can be! 

Thank you Richard! We both send you big hugs! You are the best brother/friend one can have!

Barbara Diane


Mrs A. said...

How lucky Martha must feel to be one of the first to own such a heirloom that these will surely become. Your brother is the tops. Hugs Mrs A.

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh MY! Martha is so lucky to come from such a crafty family!!!!

Rhonda Miller said...

These are beautiful. I'll bet Martha just loved them. Your brother did a wonderful job.

Sande said...

How sweet! Now this is the kind of mail your don't dread opening. What a wonderful surprise for Martha and how sweet of your brother to create these amazing pieces of jewelry for her. I am sure she will cherish them forever. Lucky, Martha.