My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Doll - Pop Up Witch


The days just seem to disappear lately - a week goes by in a flash! I have  been working on a new doll - a Kathryn Walmsley on-line class to make a pop-up toy witch doll. Here are some photos of the head. The first are with the ears on and the nose pinned, ready to stitch. You can't see that there are THREE darts in the nose - at the end and each nostril. Very small pieces to sew! 

Here the nose has been sewn to the head and stuffed and needle sculpted to give it shape.

I have also been working on a haunted house and will have some photos of that tomorrow and then more photos of the witch as I have now finished her hands and hat and will start to work on her clothes. But first I have a lot of fussy cutting to do for the haunted house. Wishing you a happy day today! We have sunshine here in this part of WI - but it is COLD! I am not ready for winter.


Barbara Diane


ike said...

AWESOME - she looks wonderful already :-) I look forward to some more Pics - probably on WOYWW I expect ???!
What do you do with these lovely creations when they're finished Barbara ??

IKE in Greece xxxx

Rhonda Miller said...

This looks great. I just love seeing the pictures of your dolls progressing. :)

Darnell J Knauss said...

You are simply a magician with a needle, Barbara!! It really is magical to watch your creations come to life!!

Spyder said...

another brilliant make, and I keep missing them! I'm already a follower so I'll have to make sure you're on my blog list!