My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, January 6, 2014

Can You Believe -45 to -50 Windchill?!?!?!?!

And Now We Have NO HEAT In The Building!


That's a MINUS 45 to MINUS 50 degrees windchill! Our forecast today here in this part of WI - it is so cold! It is now a -10 degrees here as I write this and our high today is to be a -13 with the -45 to -50 windchill. Tonight a low of -16 degrees. At this temperature any exposed skin can freeze in a matter of minutes so all of the local and surrounding schools have been closed today because of these severe temperatures. This is breaking a record for us as the last temperatures this low were in 1912. 

This little cutie would not be able to go outside to play today but by Wednesday we will have warmer temperatures and maybe snow and she could go out to make snowballs. This is one of Mo Manning's digital images called "Valerie With Snowball" and it comes in a set of 3 wonderful image of Valerie playing in the snow. You can find them here cold like this eveything sparkles and so I have added some sparkle to the falling snow in the background and a sparkling snow dusting on her clothes.

We had a very stressful early hours of Sunday morning here at the apartments where I live. The fire alarms went off at 2:00 am and because of the severe cold we are having no one knew what to do as we could not go outside. There are many elderly residents here and many with wheelchairs, etc. so a frightening experience for many. The alarms are so loud and the flashing strobe lights are so bright - inside our apartments as well as in the hallways - and it kept on for so long. Finally the police arrived and started going in the halls where people were standing to tell us that it was a water main break in the first floor back stairway at one end of the building and the rising steam had set off the fire alarm. It took a long time it seemed for the fire trucks to get here and the alarms turned off. There is nowhere to go to escape the loud noise or the flashing lights and it was very stressful. Thankfully we had heat and water all night and the maintenance and inspectors came through Sunday to check all 60 apartments to make sure each one had heat - they had been up all night since the water main break and were all very tired. It could have been a disaster - we were very lucky and although there was a lot of water, no apartments were affected. Hopefully we get through this intense cold over these next two days without incident.

Wishing you a happy Monday!


Barbara Diane


Krisha said...

Oh Barbara do stay inside & warm as possible! I have been tracking the news everyday, I've lived in that cold country and know what can happen.
Your card is just adorable, I like Mo's digitals.
Be safe my friend!

Annie said...

Hi really is very cold with you :-( I do hope there are no more incidents and your weather improves. Keep warm and crafting is my New Year wish for you


Annie x

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

thoughts and prayers are with you and all in your building. Hope the heat is restored by the time you read this! Blessings, Sharon

debby4000 said...

Absolutely gorgeous card, hope the heat is working again and the weather improves a lot.

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, I hope you're staying in and keeping warm. I can't imagine being without heat in those temps. I hope they get that working soon as well.

Your card is so cute. I love the fun image.

I'm glad all was well and that there was nothing serious that happened with the alarms. :)

Amanda R said...

Great idea to add some sparkle to the snow, it always reminds me of glitter when it first falls on the ground. Glad to hear your heat is back on too! Thanks for playing along with us at Mo's DP challenge!