My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's WOYW? Wednesday and a New Year!


How can it be Wednesday again?! The days are flying by! It is time for WOYW? and also the first day of the new year. After major sorting my workdesk is clean and orderly with everything in it's place - ready to start working on some new creations. Go to and see what everyone is doing now that the craziness of the holiday season is over! Maybe lots of 'resting' on this New Year's Day! 

I have also finally begun work on my new doll - hopefully she will soon be together!

We had more snow last night and it is very cold here in this part of WI. Going to stay home today and read my library book and stay warm! Just came in from cleaning off my car and moving it out of the parking lot for the plows to come in. I am so weary already of this and it is only January! Sigh. Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and all good things in 2014!


Barbara Diane


Shaz Brooks said...

Happy New Year, Barbara Diane! You ahve a gorgeous crafting area there. Hope the snow starts to clear for you soon, we've not had any yet, despite weather forecasters, a couple of months ago, telling us we were going to get huge amounts, in what would be the worst winter for 50 years! Go figure. Have a great Wednesday, Hugs, Shaz xx #31

Anne said...

Hello and a Happy New Year. Your craft space is wonderful and I have to admit to being a trifle envious.
Today has been very grey and wet!!! I would like a little snow but can well understand you being fed up with it. Anne x #36

April Story said...

I am so jealous - I would love some snow. Stay warm and enjoy your book and your very clean desk. Happy
New Year - April #60

Karin said...

I hope your new doll goes to plan.
Happy New Year,
Karin #29

Pat Langley said...

Nice work space! Your dolls are sure cute. Must be fun to create them.
Pat #65

Mrs A. said...

Your crafting area looks very organised. Look forward o seeing you doll. Hugs Mrs A.

Tertia said...

Happy New Year to you and a happy very belated WOYWW!
We are having the hottest and wettest summer I can remember in South Africa.