My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Favorite Photos of Jimbo Are What's On WOYW?W


As you can see I am totally in love with my new kitten Jimbo. I am having great fun taking photos of all of his funny antics and when he is just quiet and beautiful. He has the most sweet and loving nature and is so full of energy and interest in all and everything around him. He has been my saving grace, as I have said, during this time of turmoil and illness. Even though he has two names now - Jimbo and Buddy - I guess I should have called him Sweet Face. :<)

I am sharing this post today with on What's On Your Workdesk? at and also on Sassy Cheryl's blog Show Me Thursday at

Thank you for visiting my blog today! So much snow here in this part of WI and now ice/rain is the forecast for tomorrow. I am so looking forward to Spring this year! Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane


Fayette said...

What a sweetie your Jimbo Buddy is!! Loads of entertainment, I am sure! We adopted 2 sisters (strays) a couple of years ago and they have been keeping us entertained eversince.
Keep in touch,

Fuzzie Fingers said...

What a lovely little cutie to have on your work desk.#51

Sherry said...

Aaah, Jimbo/Buddy is totally adorable, no wonder you love him so much. He has white paws like my cat Leo who also has a very loving nature. I can't let him into my craft room though - adorable yes, but not to be trusted - lol.

Wishing you well, and it'll be Spring before we know it xx

Sherry WOYWW #94

Martinas Welt said...

OMG..he is totally cute!! And he is a real photo-model ;=

Regina Hamilton said...

Jimbo is just too cute. Thanks for sharing the pics. #1

Lorraine said...


Elaine L. said...

What a little cutie he is!

Sassy Cheryl said...

Well, he isn't just on your work area. He is EVERYWHERE. How stinking adorable! What a cutie pie.
Thanks for joining us in the Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday fun!!

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my...such sweetness Barbara Diane! Quite a little character little Jimbo is!

Krisha said...

What a cutie pie Jimbo is! Love baby animals.
Krisha #9

Rhonda Miller said...

What a sweet little guy. He's so cute.

Julia Dunnit said...

I saw the amount of snow in a photo on your next post, but as I'm late to arrive, thought it better to comment here..isn't jumbo a sweetie..he's really quite small bless him!

Nelle said...

AWWW so sweet, but hide away the ribbons and wool, you know what comes next. xx
Nelle 71 xx