My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Too Tempting To Resist


Jimbo is a very well behaved kitten - he learns fast and does not climb up where he should not be. But one day the temptation was just too much to resist.

I was in the kitchen fixing something to eat when I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. In the window between the living room and the kitchen was a little kitten head looking intently at my lunch that was sitting on the board. He knew that this was not a place he was to be yet the smell of the food must have been such a strong draw that he just had to see where it was coming from. My recliner sits on the living room side of the window and he was sitting on the small table by the recliner that was just under the window. He was moving so slow and intently, trying to be so discreet, that I was able to go get my camera without him even acknowledging my leaving the kitchen.

It was such fun to take these photos and watch his slow but determined progress - he was so focused that he didn't even pay attention to me taking the photos. After he managed to get up on the window and before he reached the food, I stopped him with a "No! You know better!" and a gentle lift to the floor where I gave him a kitten treat and so all was well. I love taking photos of this funny little guy as you can see. He certainly has my heart. :<) I love the third photo where he is checking out the kitchen from this new and very interesting view.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog today! Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

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ike said...

Aaaawww - such a sweet baby !! :-D Well - it does look like a jolly nice lunch so I don't blame him :-D xxx