My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prudence Has Legs and Jimbo Sleeps!


Well, my Prudence doll now has legs to stand with, in addition to her head and shoes, and waiting for the next lesson. I hope the photo e-mail arrives soon!

Jimbo sleeping while I work. Yes, he really does sleep this way - silly cat. I love this guy! :<)

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! We have sunshine today in this part of WI - no more rainy days for now! Wishing you a happy one!


Barbara Diane


Chrysalis said...

Hi Barbara - I hope your dolly soon comes together. Your cat is a hoot - just as silly as mine, by the looks of it. Have a great week, Chris # 16

Mrs A. said...

Am watching your Prudence doll with interest. She is coming along fine by the looks of it. I had forgotten how cats will stretch out over the most titchy of spaces with total disregard of how far the floor is away! We have rain forcast here in UK for the next 10 days with high winds too. hugs Mrs A.

Di said...

Oh what a darling cat! Love Prudence but Jimbo stole the show for me :) I see my partner in crime Mrs A commented above - don't trust her - she has a habit of pulling displays over at craft fayres :) Sigh, OK, we do it together as a double act!

Hugs, Di xx

ike said...

Luv the look of Prudence's legs :-) Jimbo is a complete nutcase !!! One of my cats was doing this on the windowsill yesterday and then fell off backwards !! He jumped back up with that look of "I meant to do that" !!! LoL Cats are so funny some times.

IKE in Greece x

Di said...

It's Di again - your lovely comments were so very welcome. I adore your work and also Jimbo :)) Oh, and my pal Mrs A - she's the tall and slim one, I'm the short and round one - sigh :(


Di xx

Shoshi said...

Your kitty is really funny! Why do they do this? Does he ever fall off? Lol!!

Interesting doll project.