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My Whimcees

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful Face of a Brave Young Lady


Some time ago I wrote of my young friend Ali, who was very ill, and asked that you keep her in your prayers and send good thoughts her way. Your kind responses were heartwarming. It was amazing to hear from people who did not know her, yet cared enough about a little girl's suffering to take the time to wish her well! I forwarded all the messages I received to her mother, who was very grateful for your kindness. Thank you!

Today, my reference to Ali is good news!

Her mother reports that "Ali has turned the corner and things are definitely improving. At this point, she is not showing rejection by reducing her antirejection drugs. She seems to be past that frightening stage - our prayers have been heard. REJOICE!!! Hopefully, I will have more great news to share as time goes on. God Bless all of YOU!!!"

Ali has gone through so much already in her young life and she is an extremely brave young lady. That lovely red hair and her equally lovely smile! She is an inspiration to those around her. With the help of all the prayers and good wishes she is now much improved and was even able to attend summer school on Monday.

I wanted to let you know that she is doing well. Thank you again for your good wishes!

Wishing you a good evening! Thank you for stopping by today!

Barbara Diane

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