My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, July 18, 2009

They Received It So Now I Can Post!


The first big project that I worked on during the time I was dogsitting with Brandy, was a gift for my brother Richard and sister-in-law Bonnie. After it was completed and mailed, I had to wait until it arrived at their home and they had opened it before I could post photos of it. I just received an e-mail and some photos from them and it has arrived safely and in one piece and they like it very much!

I struggled with how to pack it so it would not be damaged during shipping and finally came up with a plan and it worked! I am so happy! Here are some photos of the package as it arrived in the box - all safe and sound - and after they opened it and the gift is still in its outer wrapping.

Tomorrow I will post photos of the project itself. I am also hoping that Bonnie gives me permission to post the photos they sent me of her opening the gift! I was so pleased that Richard took them and sent them to me as it was just like being there! :<}

I am happy and relieved that the gift arrived safely and that they are both pleased with it. I made it with much love, as these two people and my nephew are very dear to me! They are my family.

Wishing you well. I am stopping work now for the night - I have been working all day again on my current project and it is time to let it be. I have one completed and another almost finished. I will write again tomorrow and post photos of the gift project. I gave them these hints - it has 6 legs and goes around in circles. My brother guessed it - he is too quick! :<}

Take care. Thank you for looking at my blog!

Barbara Diane

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