My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Unveiling!

My sister-in-law said it was ok to post the photos of her opening the surprise gift I made for them, bless her! I know she does not like her photo taken, so this was very kind of her to give permission to post them on my blog! Thank you Bonnie! My brother Richard wrote me "They are not posed as this was her real reaction. I knew I had to let you see the joy in her face as she opened it". He did just that and the photos brought me so much joy to see her happiness when she saw what it was! It made me smile to look at them. Thank you Richard!

So here are the photos of the "unveiling" of the surprise gift! I will be posting additional photos, starting tomorrow, of the making of this project. It took me about 4 days to make it - including all the detail. I had great fun making this and it was quite the learning experience!

The gift is out of it's outer wrapping! So she now knows it is a Magic Box.

Now she sees what is inside! I love this photo and may put it permanently on my blog! :<}

It's opened and unveiled! A Carousel in a Magic Box!

There was special meaning to the subject of this gift as my brother is a carver of carousel animals and Bonnie loves the color blue! They both wrote me to tell me they loved it. Bonnie wrote to me "I had to keep opening it and closing it. Then I would put the top on it as that was so pretty". I was concerned that the horses survived the trip ok and were not bent. My brother, who has the greatest sense of humor and dry wit wrote to me " Everything came out just perfect. One horse had his tail raised but I guess he just couldn't hold it for the whole trip. Horses do that you know". :<}

Richard and Bonnie, I am so happy that you both liked my gift! You are special to me and I wanted to make something special for you.

Well, that's it until tomorrow. Thank you for checking my blog today! I hope you enjoyed seeing the gift!

Barbara Diane

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