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My Whimcees

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Photos of The Dove Cote Magic Box

As my projects get larger in size and I am taking more photos, I am very aware that I need a place set up for this. Attempting to do this on top of my work table and moving my lights around just doesn't work anymore!My apartment is very small and my studio area is very organized and condensed because of this (it's half of a very small living room) and it is so frustrating to not have the proper space and/or lighting to take good photos. Oh well, you can see what they are and I will work on figuring out this problem! :<}

It is difficult to really show the size of the box in the photos. The measurement across the "floor" of the opened Magic Box is 19 3/4 inches and the height of the box when closed with the lid on is 7 3/4 inches high. I made a belly band to insure that the sides stay shut when closed because of the extended height of the box.

Thank you for looking at my blog today!

Barbara Diane

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Creations by Patti said...

OMG - am loving this birdhouse post - way cute! You are outding yourself - what a wonderful project. Love how you adjusted the box height for the "structure". Thanks for sharing.