My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Absent For Awhile


I will be away from my blog for awhile. For a very long time I have been dealing with difficult medical issues, trying to do too many things in general, handling an ongoing and never-ending stressful issues of my oldest son and I am overwhelmed with it all at the moment as my brother just e-mailed me that they received their Christmas package today to discover on opening it that it was the blog candy meant to go to England. That means their Christmas package with their gifts is on its way to England. I have asked my brother to send the package he received on to England and asked the blog winner in England to send his back to him and I will reimburse each of them the postage money. I don't even know if this an option but I don't even know what else to do. This is a catastrophe and I have suddenly hit a wall. I am taking a break from the only area of my life that I can control - which is my blog. I hope to return before the holidays.

Barbara Diane


Linda said...

Take good care of yourself and I wish you all the best.
hugs Linda

Line´s world said...

OH Barbara, I hope you are well...I wish you a wonderful x-mas time and for the year 2011 all the best
hugs from Germany Line

Ank said...

Hello Barbara, hope you feel better soon.
Best Wishes

Marianne said...

Dear Barbara,
Looks like you need a break, so please think about yourself and take all the time you need. We will be here to wait for you :-)
Hope that everything turns allright and you feel a bit better next time.

Mrs A. said...

Hi Barbara,
Have sentt you an e-mail if you are reading this. Try not to fret too much. I will do what you ask.
Valery Anne xxxxxxx

Dorcas said...

Oh, Man! What a nightmare! So sorry you've had such a rough time of it.
Take all the time you need and we'll be here for you when you return. :-)

Ruthie said...

this will work itself out... i, like you, sometimes wonder about all the "stuff" - family, physical issues,and all..... I am learning to just "rest" - take some time everyday for quiet reflection on all the things I am grateful for!!!!! I will be praying that you too will be able to "rest". Chin up, dear one!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Take a deep breath and then take all the time you need. We'll still be here.

duendes said...

My dear friend,
I hope that all your problems are resolved and that you spend a Christmas full of happiness.
Many greetings

Helen said...

Dear Barbara,
Just know you are not alone. We're all will be waiting for your return to blog land.

Take care!

Cyber hugs,


Rhonda Miller said...

Barbara, I hope you're able to get some rest and get things worked out. I'll be thinking of you.


duendes said...

hello friend,ohhhh we feel pretty, I hope all right.
back soon ok.big hugs

Ann said...

Take it easy, take care of yourself and the rest can wait. We'll see you when you're feeling up to coming back to the blog. Have a wonderful holiday.

Alison (Groovycrafter) said...

You relax and take care of yourself for a change....hope to hear from you when your back.
Hugs Alison

Zwergenwelt said...

Hello Barbara,
keep cool and try to relax, there will be a solution for all your problems. You´ve done so much work in last time, please take care for yourself and enjoy a little break for you and your nervs!! Have a very good time and return when you think is good for YOU!!!
With big hugs, cornelia

Mary said...

It will all work out just fine Barbara, just trust in HIM! If you are not back before Christmas, I hope you have a wonderful one! Mary

valita said...

I just wanted to how much i have appreciated all you beautiful comments on my blog and hope you have a best Christmas and new year :)

Fayette said...

I'm thinkin' of you Barbara and hoping that all works out for the best. How disconserting for you that the packages got mixed up on top of the other issues going on. Do keep in touch,

Sharon -- The OKI Stampqueen said...

Oh so been where you are! Deep breath! Check out is a TREMENDOUS help! I, too, am struggling with health issues and too much to do syndrome-but using her approach of 15 minutes puts things in better perspective and I can cope! Somedays-it's 5 minutes at a time--but it works. Take care! Blessings, Sharon

Carol said...

Oh Barbara I know a happening like that can really stress a person out. I am sure that it will all work out. "For all things work to the good for them that know and love the Lord". Put your feet up and make a pot of tea and relax a bit. Feel surrounded by the love of your friends here in blog land and be comforted that we are thinking about you and praying for you.

Bear Hugs,

Ellen Kemper said...

hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug, hug,

and more hugs

Stampingcaz said...

aww hugs to you, this season brings much joy and laughter but so much stress too!! I have been a crying wreck this last week,