My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Snow For My Blogger Friends Who Never Have Any


Our first snowstorm of the season here in this part of Wisconsin, USA and I am sharing these photos with those of you who me sent e-mails or left comments that you live where there is no snow! If you have never experienced this very cold and beautiful looking stuff - here is a peek at what it's like. You can click on the photos for a larger view if you want to! :<)

The first series of photos were taken late Friday night when the snow started coming down - followed by the same view early the next morning.

And now some additional views.

Love the red color of the early morning runner in the middle of all the white.

A mom and her son out early shoveling their driveway. It was very quiet outside as it was before the snow plows started clearing the snow.

My friend and neighbor here at the apartments, Jerry - 95 years old - who has already cleaned off our friend Sal's car and has started on mine bless his soul!

My favorite trees, which were heavily damaged last year during that severe blizzard we had, as the heavy snow froze on the branches and many broke off or never recovered from being bent for so long with that weight and had to be trimmed in the Spring. After that storm I went out with the snow brush and knocked off the snow from as many lower branches that I could reach over the huge snow drifts at the edge of the parking lot but could not reach very high. This time they are fine.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you all a great Sunday! Those of you who live where there is sunshine and beaches and warm weather - I would trade a bit of this with you if I could! :<)

Barbara Diane


Mary said...

So pretty, I love the first snow of the year. Hope you are safe and warm and crafting away.

Michelle said...

Hi Barbara

Wow, thank you for the photos!!

It looks so beautiful.

Getting out and about would be tricky no doubt.

Stay safe and warm.

Michelle :-)

Linda said...

What a beautiful pictures, I love snow. We have also snow here now in Holland. Yesterday I was play outside with the kids and they had so much fun.
hugs Linda

Ann said...

We started getting snow last night and the scene out my window looks a lot like yours. According to the reports by Tuesday there should be 2 feet out there. I would gladly share some of ours with the ones who don't have any
Stay warm and enjoy your day.

duendes said...

Hello dear friend!!! Here it snowed too!!!!!brrrrrrr it's so cold! A happy sunday to you.
We wish you a weekend in the warmth of your home. lots of kisses

Creative Grammie said...

Brrrrr! It's beautiful how the snow blankets the land, but oh so cold. I've travelled to areas with snow and thought my nose and would freeze right off and I had fun playing in the snow, but I'm always grateful to return home to Hawaii.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos with us.
Hugs to you and stay warm--

craftycrafter said...

lovely photo's Barbara it is pretty but I dont know about you I am fed up with it now and I would like it to go away take care love Dorothy

Helen said...

Oh, my, you got snow already! I haven't paid any attention of the weather around here. The scenes sure look pretty.

Carol said...

Barbara although we don't get snow here it has been so cold. And because of the humidity I have not been warm close to a week now. I am walking around with my coat all day in the No beaches, sunshine, or tropical drinks for me. It has been hot tea, socks, coats, and gloves. We are going to have 16 degrees on Monday. I can't wait for my fingers to thaw out. It sure has been unseasonably cold don't come to South Georgia or North Florida...we are

Bear Hugs,