My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, December 3, 2010

Snowstorm Coming, An Old Favorite and Some Comfort Food for a Winter Night


Well, our first big snowstorm is forecast for tonight through the weekend for this part of WI so I have been running around to appointments and grocery shopping, some Christmas shopping, picking up my library books, etc. I had my car in to the garage this morning to have it winterized - oil change, check all the fluids, replace a windshield wiper, etc. - and Jim filled the gas tank for me on Tuesday so I should be fine.

I am sure that after the snowfall it will be beautiful and white all around - but I am not looking forward to having to clean the car off numerous times, move it out of the parking lot, move it back and getting out my boots and hat. I did have to scrape the windows this morning as there was lots of that ice/frost on the car all around. A hint of what's to come I guess!

I have not had time to create anything today so I am posting a photo of one of my favorite Christmas cards that I sent I think in 2008 - the SU set is retired long ago. I love the blue color and the detail and the image was really cute. I have a grand total of zero - zilch - not one Christmas card made to send this year! So bad! :<) Maybe being snowbound in the house for a couple of days will get me inspired to get busy, but . . . . . .

if not - I made a huge pot of my favorite comfort food - goulash - and I will enjoy eating that and reading my new library books! :<) I have already eaten two plates of this - it tastes wonderful! I love it! So yummy!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you a safe, warm and happy weekend!

Barbara Diane


Ann said...

Well I hope your snow storm isn't anything like the one they got in Buffalo NY. It is pretty when everything is covered with a blanket of white and I wouldn't mind winter so much if I could stay inside and just watch it through my window. Going out in it, shoveling, brushing off cars and driving is what I really hate.
Very nice card.

Sandee said...

Enjoy your snowstorm!!! Wish we would get a little of that down here in the south!!!! And your goulash looks wonderful! haven't had that in years!!! My comfort food is breakfast food for dinner!

Creative Grammie said...

Aloha Barbara, You sound like you're good and ready for the snow storm. I would not know what to do since I've lived in Hawaii all my adult life. I hear all the "extra" things my BF and SIL have to do getting ready for winter. Seasons come and go and things are still the same, maybe I might change the tablecloth and bring out the Holiday decor, but that's about it.
Anyway, I love your card from before, I think it's very wintery and your goulash looks yummy! TFS

Michelle said...

Hello Barbara

I do hope you are keeping safe and warm!

I have never seen snow, but I think even though it must look very beautiful and magical the cold and the wet would get to me pretty quickly.

I love the card you are sharing today, such a lovely shade of blue, my son's favourite actually. The jumper image is great and I love the added texture you have created.

stay safe.

Michelle :-)

Linda said...

What a gorgeous card is that. The goulash looks delicious.
We have snow to here in the Netherlands, I love it, play outside with the kids, they have so much fun
hugs linda

Eva said...

Take care this weekend amd keep warm :)