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My Whimcees

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Storage - #1 Under The Table


After posting photos of my workspace yesterday, I thought I would now share how I organize and store my supplies and all the things I use to create my cards and projects in that workspace.

I will start with the units that are under the table that sits at my back if I am facing my work table and 'separates' my workspace from the living room area. There is a Ott-Lite floor lamp at each end of the table to give me lighting and they can also swivel to be used by someone sitting on the couch or the chair that are on the other side of the table. On the top of the table is my Fiskars paper trimmer, a space I leave for the paper pieces that are left when I am cutting paper for my projects and the container where I keep my solid color CS scraps.

Lined up in the box I have individual sheet protectors - each one has the name written on it of the color of the CS scraps kept inside it and I keep them in order of a color family. White, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green, brown, gray and ending with black.

In the unit under the table the top drawers hold my polymer clay supplies, sculpting tools and molds in addition to my teddy bear making tools.

The middle drawer holds all of my oval, circle, square and small slot paper punches

The bottom drawer holds my large purple and pink paper punches.

Next to the drawer unit I have this shelf/slot cube that sits on top of two smaller drawer units, It holds my large dies as well as the plates to my Big Shot and my Cuttlebug.

Under that in the drawers are on the left my different size envelopes and cut white CS for inside cards and miscellaneous paper like addresses, etc. On the right are my plastic bubble containers and under that is my junk drawer that holds extra tools, etc. It is also where I keep my box of sleeve protectors, graph paper, laminating sheets, etc.

This is my container that holds my printed and stamped images that are ready for me to color.

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog. More storage units on Monday. Wishing you a great weekend filled with good things!

Barbara Diane


Lisa Jane said...

oh wow i wish i was so organised .. it looks wonderful
Lisa x

Staying Crafty said...

Looks like some great organizing you've got there :)