My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Work Space


Why the birds? :<) They are my Cordon Bleu finches and they watch me work every day. They love the light from the window and the classical music playing - I also love Adele - and their sweet little noises are an enjoyable background when I am working.

Before I posted I made a quick sketch of my work space - which takes up half of my living room - to give you an idea of the layout. It is sits in the front right corner of the room and is basically a square that I work inside so that I can access everything while sitting in my chair. My apartment is very small so I need to have everything very organized and compact - especially in my work space.

Looking in from the door into the apartment - a small kitchenette is to the right before the living room with a hallway to the left which leads to the bathroom and the bedroom which shares a wall with the living room. Pretty small apartment!

And my 'living room' area of the living room. :<) Not quite half of the room - just space to walk into the area - barely!

Back into the kitchen area on the left (see the little window in the living room wall by the chair - that is between the two rooms) and the door into the apartment. With the doorway on the right into the hall leading to the bathroom which would be on the left of the hall and the bedroom which would be on the right (and it also has a window!) and shares a wall with the living room. Yes, one can get stir crazy in this apartment! :<)

Thank you for stopping by today to visit my blog! I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my workspace. Tomorrow I will have photos of more detail to show what I have in my storage units and how I organize my supplies. Wishing you a fun day in your workspace!

Barbara Diane


Peggy said...

A little late visiting.. love the tour of your area! my budgies sing to me while I work but they have a "condo" birdhouse on the breezeway closer to the outdoors for them thanks for sharing!

Gwen said...

What a fabulous place you have there. The work area is so spacious and light...lucky you!
xx 101

Lorrinda said...

What an efficient workspace! I have been in large dream craft rooms where there are workstations for cricut, embossing, glitter etc...but I much prefer your set up where everything is within reach of the chair! Small is sometimes better :) It also forces you to be neat and tidy when it is part of your living space.
Will be watching for your organizing tips...take care!

Katie said...

Thanks for the tour of your workspace! I love how bight your apartment is, the light from the window is lovely!

Lisa Jane said...

Thank yuo for sharing your little bit of heaven lol
Lisa x

505whimsygirl said...

I'm back! You definitely have a great organization here. I spy several things that I love -- ME throw, Snow White, ALL the crafting supplies!

Your little tweets are so cute. I've never seen that color finch before.


Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, thanks for the tour. This is what I need to do as I also work out of my living room and basically have it all piled up. Yikes.

Ann said...

Thanks for inviting us in for the tour today. You sure are good at organizing a lot of supplies into a small space

Sue from Oregon said...

what a great organized space. Although I have a craft room, I am slowly creeping into the living room so that I am not isolated all the time. Your space is so much tidier than mine, but I am working on it!!!

Linda said...

What a great place you have. I love it.
hugs Linda

Staying Crafty said...

Great space! It's obvious what you like to spend your time doing... crafting :)