My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Comment Verification Makes Me Dizzy!


I see that many of you now have the new word verification on your blog comments - which require that one duplicates two words - and with my poor eyesight I am having a terrible time. It makes me dizzy trying to read what the words are - it is unbelievable how difficult the fonts are to read! I always have to re-do it 2 and 3 times and sometimes more! I want to leave my comments, so I struggle to get it right so they will be saved to your blogs but it is so frustrating in the time it takes for me to do each one!

I have been trying to answer each and every one of you who leaves me a comment, as I appreciate them all so much, as well as to leave one on those blogs I may visit - but when this new verification is asked for it is very time comsuming and I cannot read those letters! I turned off my verification as soon as someone e-mailed me with a request and I started to see what she was referring to. I sent a test to my blog today to make sure it was off! The word verification can easily be turned off and you can moderate your comments instead.

I just wanted to let you know that until there are some changes - what were they thinking - I may not be able to leave you a comment as this truly is too much for my eyes!

Wishing you a happy day! I am working on some cards as well as my blog candy post!

Barbara Diane


Linda said...

I totally agree with you, that word verification is terrible.
hugs Linda

Rhonda Miller said...

Thanks for posting this. I've been having the same trouble. I better double check mine and make sure it's not on. :)

Ann said...

it is dreadful. I check first, if I can read it I'll leave a comment but if not I move on. I had the worst headache from trying to figure out what they were last week. My eyes just can't take it

Katie said...

I totally agree with you! I hate the word verification, its so hard to read, and even when I have my contacts in (which are much better than my glasses for clarity!) I still can't read them!

Dorcas said...

I AGREE 100%!!!!!!! Its driving me nuts!! I mean come on, if a computer doesn't have the brains to type ONE word then why give us TWO (very jumbled up as well)"just to see if we're human". We'd have to be SUPERHUMAN to figure it out! lol PLEASE people, TURN IT OFF! Thats what spam folders are for!!

Marianne said...

I totally agree with you. It's very hard to read!
I've turned mine off long ago.
Hugs, Marianne

shortstop said...

I totally agree, I turned mine off ages ago. Like you somebody pointed it out to me and I can't stand them either.

Sue from Oregon said...

Ditto...I can not read these new squiggle frustrating!!!!!!!!!