My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, April 11, 2014

Brothers Are Blessings


It has been such a long time since I have posted to my blog. I didn't even realize until friends and followers asked after me that it had been over a month. It has been a difficult time with daily pain/medical issues since mid December and a past year of seemingly never ending issues concerning my oldest son Jim who lives in an AFH - all of the above leaving me defeated and without motivation to create. 

One day in the mail I received a package from my brother Richard. When I opened it and saw what it was and read the note attached I started to cry. What a thoughtful and unexpected gift and the message reached my heart to know that he was thinking of me and knew how close I was to doing just that. He created this lovely pendant with a topaz stone - my birthday stone as I was born in November. He has just been working with wire and creating jewelry this past year and I am amazed at his works of art. Isn't this beautiful?

Thank you Richard for your kind thoughtfulness. You are the best! 

Another blessing of course has been my new kitten - now growing into a big cat - Jimbo/Buggy Bear. He is so beautiful and although his fur is silky like a rabbit, he still does not shed! I cannot believe how lucky I am with that! I have taken so many photos of Jimbo and will post some soon. He follows me from room to room, sleeps by me at night and is my constant companion.

Thank you to all who have written to ask me how I am doing - it is very kind of you to check my blog and good to know that you are there. Wishing you a happy day today! We have 62 degrees today in this part of WI - finally Spring is in the air! It has seemed like one of the longest winters known to man and I am so happy to feel the warm sunshine! I hope to make some Easter cards to share and I have taken applique classes and am working on a wall hanging project so hope to show my progress soon!


Barbara Diane


Mary Gregor said...

Good to hear from you Barbara. Take care of yourself.

ike said...

Such a wonderful gift and it's truly beautiful :-) Jimbo is looking as handsome as ever and is fabulous. Glad to hear that you are still there and hope things get better for you xxxx

Rhonda Miller said...

That's a beautiful pendant. What a thoughtful gift. I have missed seeing your blog posts and have thought about you. Your kitty is still so cute. I miss having a pet to snuggle with.

Sue from Oregon said...

It really is the thought that counts isn't it? Your brother has given you a wonderful gift!

Duendes said...

Hi Barbara,
Good to know that you are well...I hope to see your beautiful cards that I love so much...Wish you have a peaceful and blessed Easter.