My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Princess Has Pantaloons and My First Applique


The Princess has her pantaloons - and is sitting by my first applique. I have taken a class and this is the piece we are making - mine will be a wall hanging. I now have to add a thin border, a large border and the edging. It has been fun but with my poor eyesight I need to sew at my workdesk with my OTT lights as the stitches are VERY small! :<) Tomorrow I will share photos of the Princess in her nightgown and sitting on her bed that now has a dust ruffle and two mattresses!

Some photos of Jimbo playing with one of his favorite - and cheap - toys. Empty plastic bags! He is so funny! I have to put them away when he is done so he won't hurt himself as I saw how easily one of the handles could get around his neck as he jumps in and out and under so fast!

Thank you for visiting my  blog today! Wishing YOU a fun day!


Barbara Diane


Pam Carter said...

Jimbo is like a any kid. Buy them a toy and they play with the box. He is so cute!!! I enjoy your cards, the dolls that you make but I really enjoy the pictures of your new baby. You can tell he is a great comfort to you. Glad to see you are back on line. I was concern for you that month you were gone. Have a wonderful Spring.

Rhonda Miller said...

She looks happy to have her pantaloons and be helping you show off your applique. I can't wait to see her finished with her bed and the finished applique piece.

He sure does look like he's having a lot of fun with those bags.

ike said...

Oh, isn't she FAB !!! LUV your wall hanging too.
Jimbo just makes me laugh.. they all love a plastic bag or a cardboard box don't they. ? Mine even get into the bags BEFORE I can get the shopping out !!! LoL

IKE xxxxxx

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