My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jimbo Loves His Cave


One of Jimbo's first toys and still one of his favorites is his cat cave. He loves to play in it and roll around inside - sometimes he takes toys inside - and it is also a place he likes to sleep. He is bigger now - I will post some photos soon of how he fits now - a little bit more crowded but he loves it just the same.

Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog today! We have sunshine today and not too cold in this part of WI - not so my friend Anna in Grand Marias, MN! She wrote yesterday that they had 15 inches of SNOW over Thursday/Friday! It must seem like Spring is never coming up north! Wishing you a good day today!


Barbara Diane


Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

Barbara-I am soo glad you are back! Was terribly worried about you-sent lots of prayers up! LOVE the pics of Jimbo! Too cute! You will find that he will love any box he thinks he can fit into (google Maru for funny cat videos!)Hoping that 2014 will improve for both of us! Blessings, Sharon

Rhonda Miller said...

It looks like he has a lot of fun in his cave.

ike said...

Oh, isn't he fabulous !!! :-D Brilliant cat cave too. Can't wait to see how he fits now LoL xxxxx