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My Whimcees

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Envelope For The Easel Card Tutorial


After I made the easel card, I discovered that I had no envelope that was the correct size for the card. It was raining outside and cold and I did not want to make a trip to the store - so I decided to make one. It was relatively easy and the process did not take a lot of time and now I have a template to use for this size card. Plus, having an envelope made out of the patterned DP looks very nice! I later used this process to make another envelope size template starting with a standard Three 1/2" x Six 3/4" mailing envelope and it worked out great!

Here is how I made my template for the easel card envelope. Hope it helps you when you need an envelope on a cold and rainy day and do not want to go out to the store! :<}

To begin, I used a SU Four 1/2" x Five 3/4" card envelope and cut One 1/4" off one end.

Then I carefully opened the glued seams of the envelope. These really do come apart without much problem if you go slowly and open them a small area at a time.

I then folded the envelope in half - with the uncut side on top - and drew the lines of the basic envelope onto the cut side so that both side of the evelope would be the same. I then trimmed this side of the envelope.

As you can see, the 'wing' is missing from the cut side so I had to add a piece of paper so that I could trace one onto that side of the envelope.

After I traced and cut the wing, I drew the score lines and my template was complete. Not difficult to make and it did not take a lot of time. I was a very happy woman! :<)

I used my new template to cut the envelope from the DP I had used to make the easel card and cut it out. Scored the lines and glued the seams with my Snail and it was completed and ready to use. Wow! It worked! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you all good things - all day long!

Barbara Diane

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