My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, October 30, 2009

Week Off - Back on Moday, November 9th


As we all know, life can become overwhelming at times and I find that I am in the middle of more than I can handle at the moment. I need to withdraw from all but what I have to attend to so I will be taking the next week off from my blog and return on Monday, November 9th.

My birthday is next week so I guess I can call it a birthday gift to myself. :<) I will check on all of you to see what you are doing and hopefully I can find the time/energy to work on some fun projects so I will have something for a Show-n-Tell when I return.

Take care. Wishing you a good week! See you on the 9th!

Barbara Diane


helen said...

Have a fabulous birthday Barbara! Enjoy your break.

Primitive Seasons said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Barbara. Re-energize and rest and then return to your fans.


Lindsay Weirich said...

Have a great week off and happy birthday!

Jackie Thomas said...

I have just found your blog. Oh my goodness, you are one extremely talented lady. I hope you enjoy your week off and have a wonderful relaxing birthday. xo Jackie

Kathy said...

I hope that your small break will give you what you are needing and a big Happy Birthday to YOU!!! I hope it will be special :)