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My Whimcees

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Bat Treat Holder Tutorial


Today I have the Halloween Bat treat holder tutorial for you. I had given up hope of ever being able to complete this post, but I am trying again. I have had to start over so many times that I was thinking of just skipping today altogether but I persevered! :<) There may be errors in the spacing of the photos, etc. but I am afraid to try to correct anything again as I will find myself in worse shape! So here it is. I hope you enjoy it! :<) I think the old Halloween spirits were having some fun with me this morning!

Every so often I receive an e-mail from Better Homes & Gardens site and this time it had Halloween crafts listed, so I had to check them out. This cute little bat treat holder caught my eye and I had to make one to see what it looked like! You can find the template here:

First I printed and cut out the template - it comes in two halves and has to be taped together. Then I traced it on SU black CS. I like their CS as it is a nice weight to work with and the colors are very vibrant. Their black CS is a very dense black and the best I have found. My camera has distorted the color in the 2nd and 3rd photos for some reason and they look gray so please just ignore. :<) Be sure to trace the score line on the right under the wing (where the treat holder will meet at the back when assembled), the lines on the wings and the eyes/fangs placement on the face. The dotted line on the left is only to line up the two parts.

I wanted to use an Iridescent paper called Purple Haze to make my bat holder but it was too thin to use alone, so I glued a sheet of it to the back side of the black CS using a Tombo adhesive.
Isn't it sparkly and pretty! I also have another called Orange Peel and I am going to make a second bat holder from that. I am sorry that I do not know the name of the brand but that is all that is on the back of the paper.

After I had the paper glued with the Tombo adhesive and cut out the bat, I discovered it wasn't going to hold. So I used my new favorite, favorite, favorite double back tape by Score-Pal and the name brand is SOOKWANG. I was seeing it used more and more on other stamper's blogs and wanted some of my own! A friend of mine found it for me at our local Gina K store and you can also find it online. I absolutely love it as you can TEAR it - no more need to pick up a scissors and cut each strip of tape - and the backing peels off without the static electricity of the red backing on the Sticky Strip, which I have to admit drives me crazy. :<) I still use the Sticky Strip as it has the different widths, but this new tape works so well, is just as strong and using it goes so much faster! I LOVE it!

After I re-glued the Iridescent paper to the black CS of the cut out bat, I realized I needed to also glue the Iridescent paper to the other side of the bat's wings as they would be brought back around when the treat holder was assembled and would be visable from the front. (The back of the bat's wings when it was flat would become the front of the wings when assembled - if that makes sense.) If you have any questions I would be happy to help.

This photo shows the back of the cut out bat with the Iridescent paper glued to the wings.

This photo shows the front of the cut out bat with the Iridescent paper glued to the back of the bat before the wings are again cut out. (The underside of the Iridescent paper appears as a gray area under the bat.)

Then I cut around this layer, folded the wings back and around to meet and cross and glued the back with the tape at the score line. (You can see it on the right side under the wing.)

I added some orange Stickles to the lines on the wings, gave him some orange sparkly eyes and fangs, added a bit of purple ribbon to hang the treat holder and filled it with candy. Now he is good to go and waiting to be given out on Halloween! :<)

Thanks for stopping by today! After over two 1/2 hours and many attempts, I am finally able to post today. This took longer to do than to make the bat treat holder! Hopefully tomorrow's post will not be so difficult!!! :<)

Wishing you a good Monday!

Barbara Diane


Carol said...

This is just as cute as it can be. Thanks for the tutorial. This is great to give to those "special" children that come trick or treating at you door to let them know they are special!!! Thanks for sharing.


Creations by Patti said...

That's one awsome bat!!!!

helen said...

It's one lovely bat!

Primitive Seasons said...

So cute Barb. Love the sparkliness of it.