My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, January 29, 2010

Finished Jim's Blanket - Tutorial on Monday


Well, I missed yesterday and very late posting today! Too much going on here this week - getting ready to move Jim to his new group home on Monday. I finished his "New Home" tied fleece blanket and he loves it. I made it extra long and also tied it every 7 inches and knotted the ties 4 times for good luck! :<) He picked two really colorful patterns so it turned into a very "happy" blanket!

Everyone I have made these blankets for - including myself - have really liked them as they are so light weight but warm and cuddly and they wash up beautifully! So on Monday I will have a short tutorial on how to make one. :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you a great weekend! I have been working on some projects for next week as I am sure that on Monday I will be lucky to even get to look at my list of favorites! :<) First there is Jim's doctor's apointment in the morning, boxing up his belongings that are here and later going to where he was living and moving all of his belongings to the new home. Thank goodness that they are all packed and waiting! I think on Tuesday I will still be decompressing after having him here with me since the holidays - in two rooms/kitchenette/bathroom with the living room divided into a studio also! Every night take the living room side apart to put down the hide-a-bed, etc. and every morning put it all together again! Jim will be VERY happy to have his own life back again also! :<)

Barbara Diane


helen said...

Looking forward to the tutorial.

Kylie said...

Wow you ARE busy!!
I would love the tutorial on this gorgeous blanket. I've seen one made before for a girl's room and it was lovely. So having the directions would make it all so much easier than guessing!

Kylie ox

Jackie Thomas said...

What a gorgeous gift. Jim is a very lucky man to receive it. You can tell that it was made with love. xo Jackie

Carol said...

This is beautiful and a gift I am sure your son will cherish and use daily. It so bright and happy looking..perfect for snuggling in on a cold night. Looking forward to your tutorial. Take care and will be thinking of you and wishing Jim happiness in his new home.

Bear hugs,