My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, January 21, 2010

From My Brother :<)

I received this from my brother this morning:


She was really excited to see herself on TV. Now she thinks she is a movie star. There will be no living with her now.

Now, how am I ever going to get anything done?

How funny are these photos! I have not laughed out loud in a long time! I still do every time I see them! And I just keep smiling as I remember how much fun it was to have this little doll around to keep me on MY toes! :<) I need to make another for myself!

I love my brother and his wonderful and sharp sense of humor! Thank you Dick for sending the photos and for the laughs!

Barbara Diane


LORi said...

WOW...she is Lovely!!!! You are one talented lady...from your paper crafting to your fabulous dolls WOW!!! Great eye candy here!!!

Hugs - LORi

Ellen Kemper said...


great doll and your brother must be a hoot!

donewrkin said...

Life is so good isn't it??? Remember all these smiles when you hit a bump in the road!

Jackie Thomas said...

Hi Barbara, I'm finally back online. Talk about a hassle. I'm just loving this little lady. Gosh you are talented. I hope you've been well. xo Jackie

Joani said...

How adorable! Thanks for sharing what your brother sent ~ she is just so darned cute!!

Ellen said...

Such a fun doll. You are sooooo very talented. I enjoy you blog so very much and thank you for sharing your talent.