My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gifts To Say Thank You


I made this stationery box for one of the caregivers at the home where my son is currently living. He will be leaving soon to go to a permanent home and I wanted to say thank you to Tina for all the kindness she has shown my son and all that she has done at the home to make life easier for the clients living there. Some people go above and beyond without giving it a second thought and Tina is one of those people.

The photos aren't the best, as I forgot all about taking them until I was already in the process of wrapping the gift and we were leaving right after that to take it to her. But she liked it and that made me smile too! :<)

I also gave one of my boxes, filled with candy, to the other main caregiver at the home. His name is Shuan and I wanted to thank him also for the kindness he has given my son. For the candy I punched a black circle and a smaller blue circle from the same CS I used in the box and layered them and used glue dots to attach them to individual Peppermint Patties and put two rows of the candy into each side of the box.

I also forgot to take photos of the candy! But he made me smile too, when he said his girlfriend always asked him if he was sure that I didn't buy the things I gave to him. :<)

I am going to miss them both and I will be forever grateful that they were there for my son through a very difficult past year. God Bless you Tina and Shuan.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Take care.

Barbara Diane


Gaby said...

What lovely projects you made.
Absolutely gorgeous. Specially the Stationary box.

Wonderfol colors and DP.

helen said...

I love all your stationary boxes. What a nice gift!

Zebiline said...

Hi Barbara. I wish you and your family a very lucky new year!!

I love your boxes...the stationary box is a perfect gift to say: thank you.

Have a nice day!!
♥Hugs Gaby

Carol said...

Absolutely gorgeous Barbara...both of them. I am sure they will be cherished. You do such lovely work!

Bear Hugs,
Carol :o}