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My Whimcees

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tutorial for the Origami Butterfly


Today I have the tutorial for the origami butterfly! I hope that you enjoy! :<)

To begin, you will need two squares of any size - I used two 4" squares for my butterfly. If you are using a paper with borders, you will need to cut the squares from two corners of the paper so that when you lay them in front of you, you will have the borders on the top and the right edge of one and the top and the left edge of the other. A right and a left wing.

Starting first with the right wing, it should look like this as you begin:

Fold the paper in half to look like this by meeting two opposite corners of the paper.

Now open the paper and fold in the same manner in the opposite direction - meeting the two corners. You should now have two diagonal lines crossing in the middle.

With the paper again opened flat, fold it in half.

Then open and fold in half again in the opposite direction.

You should now have two corner-to-corner diagonal fold lines crossing in the middle - and two side-to-side fold lines crossing in the middle.

Now open the square and fold again on a diagonal fold line so that the borders line up like this - on the right side and bottom.

See where the cross lines form the small square in the bottom right? You will now lift the paper to the left of the inside line of this square.

Like this. Lift up on the paper to form a peak.

Bring the top edge of the peak across to the right so that it lays on the top line of the square and flatten. You now have two squares - one on top of the other.

See the diagonal line in the middle of the top square? You will now lift the outer left edge of this square. It will lift the top layer.

Like this.

See how it is opening? Flatten this by pressing down on the top.

It will continue to open and form this. (Two sided paper by the way, will also give you this end to the wing.) :<) Cool, right? You have now formed the right wing. Yeahhhh!

Complete this sequence again in the opposite direction with the remaining square - border on the top and left side - folding to the left - and you will have two wings that look like this! :<)

Bring them together by overlapping at the middle and glue and you have a beautiful butterfly! How easy is that! :<)

The butterfly is now ready for your card or bling it up some. I - as you can see - chose to give my butterfly some bling with Stickles and rhinestones! I also drew a body and used two petals from a flower punch to make the feelers.

So that was fun! I hope you make a butterfly of your own - I would love to see photos if you do!

Thanks for stopping by today!

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know and I will try to help! :<)

Barbara Diane


Gaby said...

Hi Barbara Diane,
thanks so much for that great tutorial.
I will try to make one of them this weekend.
Already followed your pictures with plain paper while reading the tut and it worked great.

Have a nice weekend.

Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you so much for the tut. I love it and can't wait to give it a try.

Helen said...

Great tutorial, Barbara! I am going to make one now.

Jackie Thomas said...

wonderful tutorial Barbara, so very effective xo Jackie

Creations by Patti said...

Great titorial on this buttterfly.........I'll have to try it. TFS

Carol said...

Barbara...this is so beautifully done. I love the sparkle and shine. You did a great job. Just in case you have been missing me..LOL..I went back to school and have been doing lots of studying. I am taking Medical Coding and Billing and I have lots of Medical Terminology to learn-usually about 50-60 terms a day. So if you don't see me, you will know what I am doing.

Bear Hugs,
Carol :o}