My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, June 8, 2009

SU Card Stock Colors and Designer Paper Samples Rings

Well the sun finally came out this afternoon, but now there are severe thunderstorm warnings for our area later today. My weather radio alert siren went off today for the first time this summer and scared me to death! I have it set to send an 'alert' and a weather report if there is potential severe weather in the county I live in and the surrounding counties. I had plugged the radio in about a week ago, as it is that time of year again here in WI for severe storms and/or tornados, but I wasn't expecting the siren to go off as the sun was out and I had definitely not remembered how loud the siren is!

To get to the subject of today's post: One of the most helpful things I have made to assist me in my card making has been to assemble a ring of all the SU card stock color samples by their SU family - Bold Brights, Earth Elements, Rich Regals, Soft Subtles and the 4 In Colors. In addition to that ring, I also made a ring of all the SU Designer Paper series that I have purchased by their individual series. And last, I made a smaller ring of all of the card stock colors by color shade. All of the colors of the SU families listed above - BB, EE, RR, SS and the 4 In Colors - are included together in this one, so that I can see at a glance the difference between the color shades of the different families. (blues, reds, greens, etc.) This was very time consuming I admit, but well worth the effort - as they are each a permanent tool to use and need very infrequent updating.

For the card stock color samples, I used a large scallop circle punch for each color and wrote on the circle the name of the color. I layered these by family and punched a circle of white, wrote the family name on it and put one before each family of colors - these served as dividers. For the DP samples, I again used a large scallop circle punch and this time I just layered the individual pattern samples in each series and wrote on a white divider the name of the DP series and also the coordinating card stock colors used in those patterns. In the smaller color ring, I used a small square scallop punch to punch a square of all the colors of card stock, wrote the color name on it and layered them by color shade with no dividers - just had the reds run into the oranges run into the yellows, etc.

In the photo above you can see the SU card stock colors in the ring on the upper left (each color circle has its color name on it and the white dividers have the family name on them), the Designer Paper samples in the ring on the upper right (white circles have the individual DP series name on them and the pattern circles of that series are layered behind them) and the smaller squares in the ring at the center bottom show all the card stock colors (each square has the color name on it) by color shade.

I hope that my explanation makes sense. If you have any questions on how to create/assemble the rings or would like to purchase one of these rings from me, you can reach me at Thank you for stopping by today and I wish you a good Tuesday tomorrow!

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