My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Wall Doll

Today's photo is of a pretty little wall doll that I made for a doll challenge. We were given a pattern and asked to create a doll in whatever style we felt this shape represented. I had a piece of lovely lilac colored fabric and starting with that as my center, I started to set aside other fabrics that coordinated with the lilac until I created a very pretty combintion that I liked. Then I pieced and sewed these fabrics into a small crazy quilt, from which I cut the doll's body piece. The arms and head I made from the lilac.

I was at a loss as how to finish this little doll as I had her pictured in my mind as a more exotic style doll than how a quilted fabric is normally used - as in a 'country' style. I remembered that I had a box put away with some unusual bits of fabric that were not what I normally used and when I found it under the bed and opened it - there was this piece of beautiful shimmery net that I had not thought I would ever use but could not bring myself to discard. It was perfect. Added some earrings and she was complete. This is one of the few dolls that I have made that has no facial features. Somehow she was beautiful without them. She is a special doll and hangs on the wall in my studio,

Thank you for looking! Wishing you a good evening!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

She looks very elegant and has that "aloof" glamour without a face!
Gives me an idea to use up all those scraps rather than quilts or doll clothes too....