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My Whimcees

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Surprise in My Take Home Perkins Bag!

A surprise in my Perkins take home bag!

On a visit to a Perkins restaurant, I ordered muffins to go to send to a friend of mine who is in a nursing home. It's a good thing that I looked in the bag as I was going to transfer the muffins to a gift box and this is what I found! Packets and packets of flower seeds!

I called the restaurant and they said to bring the bag back - not what I had figured into my schedule for the day - and when I did, there was my bag of muffins waiting for me by the register plus 2 extra. It seems that they put the bags of take home items behind the check out counter to give to the person when they pay their bill and someone had brought in the flower seeds for planting in the restaurant's flower beds and they were put in one of the Perkins bags and set behind the counter until the gardener did the planting. The staff person grabbed that sack by mistake and gave it to me as my to-go order when I paid my bill.

What are the chances of this happening? I don't know but it was a shock to open the bag and also pretty funny - even with an extra trip to the restaurant and back.

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