My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Well, the day I've been trying to not think about is finally here - it snowed! Waking up to the sounds of the snow plows in the parking lots and the snowblowers on the sidewalks, it took me a few moments to think what the noise was about. I looked outside and Oh No! snow was everywhere - everything covered in white! So get dressed, get out the boots and gloves - and off to clean the car, move it, wait for plows to finish the parking lot, move it back. I just can't believe it is all here again. To have a white Christmas is wonderful - it is the rest of the long winter - from now into April in this part of WI - that is getting more and more difficult.

My card today is a Penny Black stamp - the guy on top of the tree sort of images my mood this morning. Another Oh No! kind of moment - and nothing one can do about it but deal with it! But he has his friends to give support!

You can see the Sparkle better on this photo I think. The photos do not show how pretty this card actually is and now it has been mailed so too late now!

Wishing you a wonderful Saturday! If you like snow I would be happy to send you some!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

I know I dread the snow also. I actually don't mind it too much as long as it stays off the roads and sidewalks.
Your card is soo cute. I love the image and that cat. Lol. TFS.

Sue from Oregon said...

super cute...that little mouse is darling!

Elizabeth Allan said...

We received snow also Barbara, but it is quickly melting in Michigan. I love the two panels of your Christmas card. Dynamic visual layout!