My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Meet Maestro and His Three Friends Placido, Luciano and Jose


Here they are! I am so excited to introduce you to Maestro and his three friends Luciano (upper right), Placido (lower left) and Jose (lower right). 

I have so many photos even after editing and want to share them all with you - so I have posted half of them today and the other half will be on tomorrow's post. This set took a long time to make but was the most fun to create of any dolls that I have made. I hope that you enjoy!

Thank you for visiting my blog today! More photos tomorrow! Wishing you a happy day today!


Barbara Diane


ike said...

OH !!! He is WONDERFUL and I just adore his little froggy friends :-D Such an amazing creation :-)

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Krisha said...

This is just phenomenal!!!

Duendes said...

My sweet friend,
was sensational and the maestro has a formidable expression as who has a great complicity with your friends ...I loved the colors and I think Jose, Luciano and Placido could not be better represented.Thanks for letting me know you brought a big smile to my face!!
big big hugs

Rhonda Miller said...

Wow, this is such fun. I just love the whole set up and that hat is terrific.

Elizabeth Allan said...

The expressions are priceless!!! The character of each piece is wonderful. Your sewing skills are marvelous. Can't wait to see the pictures you have for tomorrow.

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

They are AWESOME!! Way too cute! You did a wonderful job! Blessings, Sharon

Sharon-The OKI StampQueen said...

You did an AWESOME job! They are adorable and the expressions are priceless! Blessings, Sharo

Sue from Oregon said...

These dolls are simply amazing, outstanding, super dooper!!!! What talent!

debby4000 said...

WOW he is amazing and love the frogs too.