My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, September 25, 2015

Blanche Fussy Cutting At Her Workdesk Poster


Well, here she is - Blanche in all her glory - sitting at her workdesk busy and focused on her fussy cutting! I loved making this poster as I could fussy cut, glue and layer all day! Especially when all of the pieces are cut from different patterned papers!

Everything on the desk, including the desk, are all fussy cut from those many different patterned papers and in yesterday's post I listed Blanche's chair, her dress and shoes and the paper piece she is cutting with her scissors, including all of the tiny, bity scraps falling on her lap and on the floor beneath her chair, are fussy cut. Only her face, arms, legs, hair and the parrot are colored with markers.

Once I picked the patterned paper for the background 'wallpaper' I colored all the edges around the main cut out images with a yellow marker so that even though they were raised and layered, they would blend in  with the background. A little trick that works well with fussy cutting when you leave a thing border around the images.

Go to Mo Manning's site at to order these wonderful images for your own and see so many more! What fun this project was! :<) Hope you enjoyed!

The beautiful Fall weather continues here in this part of WI - love these days of sunshine and cooler weather.The windows are wide open, Jimbo is sitting in one - both of us happy with the fresh air! Wishing you a happy weekend!



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Rhonda Miller said...

I love the finished poster.