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My Whimcees

Monday, September 28, 2015

When You Can't Find The Words

Sometimes when one can't find the words to express what one wants to say, we send a card. Not because it's easier in the sense of being the fastest way to solve the dilemma, but because the beauty of a card and a simple saying can convey what we can't. When reaching out to a friend who has lost a loved one and wanting to bring comfort to the grieving, is one time when words can fail us. For those of us who make cards, we can express our feelings with the love in which we create the card.

In February of this year, a friend lost his daughter in a hiking accident. Although Jessica Lynn Acker was born and raised here in Wisconsin, she lived and worked in Sitka, Alaska. Jess was an avid hiker and outdoorswoman, loving the outdoors and the beauty she found all around her as she hiked the mountains of Alaska. She loved the state's wild places and in addition to her dedication to hiking, she loved berry-picking, fishing and viewing the wildlife. Jessica was so dedicated to living fully and passionately that she had the word "Live" tattooed across her back.On the day of her accident, Jessica was hiking alone and heavy wind and snow set in that day and the icy conditions contributed to her fall.

Jessica's dad posted this on the bulletin board where I live. These were words that Jess lived by.

At 33 years old, she was a beautiful, educated, well traveled and accomplished young woman.

I made this card for her dad.

I made this card for her mom.

Her dad recently share with me this photo that he received of the the marker that has been built in Jess's memory. He said that he had not found out yet who did this nice work on her memorial, but whoever was responsible for the lovely tribute, it was built with care and love.

Jessica Lynn Acker
"On to hike the Heavens"

Thank you for visiting my blog today! Wishing you all a happy one! Give a hug to those you love and if they are not near enough to physically hold, give them one by telling them how much you love them. Maybe in a card, if the words are hard to find. :<)


Barbara Diane

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Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a tragic loss of a young life. Your card is beautiful and I can tell you poured your heart into it!