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My Whimcees

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dressing a Mannequin in Graphic 45 "Couture" Collection


I have always wanted to dress a mannequin using just paper! I love altered art projects and a paper dresse was one skill that I wanted to learn. I used the Graphic 45 "Couture" collection to create this project. Their papers lend themselves to altered art so naturally and this collection theme was one of fashion so it was perfect. First the paper mache mannequin had to be completely covered - which I did using a red patterned paper. This was fun as it was an all over covering and I used small pieces that I cut out of words and phrases I wanted to show. Using water and white glue I applied them at different angles, in overlapping layers, until the mannequin was completely covered.

When the covered mannequin was completely dry, I started to create the bodice - you can see that in the photo above. I quickly learned that this was becoming a much more difficult process, as the pieces had to be cut to create a form. I cut the pieces like a I would have fabric when making a blouse. Through trial and error I began to see how this was done - again using water and white glue.

Then it was time to make the skirt and this was becoming even more and more difficult, as the skirt had to stand away from the mannequin and at the same time be fitted at the waist. Remember, I was using water and white glue - this equals wet and sticky paper pieces, water running down your arm, etc.. :<) I ended up making an underskirt (half slip), letting that dry and then creating the skirt. This required cutting darts, etc. just like in dressmaking. When the skirt was dry, I added the skirt waistband, the trim at the bottom of the skirt, then went back and added a band to the top of the bodice and straps with paper buttons.  

I loved the finished sundress and I learned so much while creating this clothing on the mannequin! I want to do more and try to expand my skill to even more difficult projects each time! It took a very long time to create this because of the drying times required at different stages, and the many mistakes that had to be redone or altered. But I love the result!

I have the mannequin sitting next to one of my projects that I am working on. Jim has painted this paper mache house for me and it is ready for me to begin to add paper - but first I have to work on this year's Halloween house. I hope to post photos of that progress soon!

A beautiful sunny day here in this part of WI! I am so amazed at the change in temperature - last night it got so cold with the windows open I had to close them and cover up with my quilt! Wishing you a nice Saturday wherever you are!


Barbara Diane

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Mrs A. said...

Well done it looks lovely and so does Jim's painting. hugs Mrs A.