My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Monday, September 7, 2015

Graphic 45 "An ABC Primer" Door Decoration


I hope that you are having a good holiday weekend! I have my latest door decoration finished and hanging on my apartment door. I love Graphic 45 papers and what better collection to use for the start of the school year but the "ABC Primer" paper collection! I love them - they make me think of grade school and how much I loved reading! 

First I had to cover the paper mache heart and this took forever - I wish I had thought to take more photos as there are many layers and much thought went into what paper images to use and where. As always, I used only water and white glue to layer and this worked out great. After the heart was covered and while it was drying, I started to fussy cut the many little pieces to be added to the heart to make the scene, I had to color some of the images with markers as they were either in black and white of a brown and white. All the figures are raised and layered. I think it turned out well.

I meant to add glitter before I hung it on my door - fussy cutting and glitter, two of my favorite things - but then I forgot!! My life has been chaotic for quite some time now and I have been forgetting to take photos of my finished cards and projects, but now to forget to add the glitter! I need to make some life changes! :<)

On my door and collecting comments. :<) love putting new things on my apartment door and the people passing by stopping to look at it and comment. I have done this now for so many years that even people new to the building know to look for the new one. 

We have such hot and humid weather here in this part of WI that I am surprised it isn't raining inside the apartment! I am so looking forward to cooler and dryer Fall weather! Wishing you a good one!


Barbara Diane

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Sue from Oregon said...

I think I would stalk your door to see all your pretty creations! Very neat indeed!