My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Creating A Large Blanche Poster


I love Blanche! And after making the Blanche thank-you cards for my delightful Fiskars visitors (2 men and 1 woman) I just had to make one for myself, and I wanted this to not be just a card, but a poster size to hang on one of the bulletin boards in my studio area. Blanche, as I said, is a Mo Manning image - and she also has a desk image for Blanche. So wonderful - so of course I had to make my poster using both images. 

First, I printed the Blanche image twice on white card stock (one for the main image and the second one to cut out the outside arm and the parrot. Then I printed the image again on multiple printed papers to be used to cut out all the items of the two images that I was going to layer/glue to the main image. I have used markers to color Blanche's head, arms, head, legs, feet and hair - and also the shadow under her chair. Everything else was fussy cut from the printed papers and glued on to the main image.

In this first photo, there is a lot that has already been done. I have cut out the main image - leaving a tiny border all around the outside, which will be colored with a marker to match the main color of the background paper that I will use. I have colored Blanche's face, arms (including the second outside arm), legs and feet with markers. The dress and the chair have been cut out from two of the printed papers and glued onto the main image and I have cut out and glued her shoes and started to fussy cut more of the blue printed images to glue to the piece Blanche is fussy cutting and the scraps falling over her lap and onto the floor by her feet.

You can see in this photo the two tools that I use to do all of my fussy cutting - a small curved scissors, a craft knife that fits over your finger for better control (I also now have a swivel craft knife) and a small pad to use when cutting with the knife. I also use a black or brown marker to color the edges of all my cut out pieces. Don't want any white edges showing! :<) And of course, my white glue.

Here I have cut out the arm to be layered on the outside of the body and the parrot, who will also be layered. I have cut out all of the paper scraps from the blue printed paper and glued them onto the main image of Blanche and to the floor under the chair.

The outside arm is attached and layered using mounting tape. I like the results of using this instead of dimensionals as it gives a better layer and you can cut it into any shape that you need.

I decided to use markers to color the parrot so have them ready at the side. I had printed it on a multi patterned paper but when I cut it out I didn't like the results so switched to markers.

She is making a mess -

But she is so focused! :<)

Tomorrow I will post the finished poster of Blanche fussy cutting while sitting at her workdesk. There are so many items on the desk that it was great fun and quite a project to have each and every item fussy cut from a different printed paper! Wishing you a good day today!


Barbara Diane


Krisha said...

This is just hilarious! LOVE Mo's images.

Rhonda Miller said...

She crafts like I do, messy. ;) I can't wait to see the finished poster.