My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, September 11, 2015

Jimbo - Sleeping Contortionist


My Jimbo has grown to be such a large cat that he finds the weirdest position for sleep that are comfortable for him. Below is a photo of Jimbo that I took in January of 2014, shortly after we first got him - a very small 4 pounds of fluff. He now weighs 16 pounds.

He sometimes sits next to me on a TV table when I am working on the computer and after fussing to find the perfect position to sleep while he waits for me to finish, he will just stare ahead into the mirror on the wall as if to say "This is SO tiring! Will she EVER be finished!"

And then he finally flops himself sideways over the table (hanging off the sides I guess is more comfortable than hanging off over the ends) and takes a short nap.

Below are a few of Jimbo's sleeping positions during the day, as he tries to find just the right position to sleep. What a funny guy! :<)

He is so funny! He is sound asleep with his head hanging upside down!

He's sleeping like this and his arms stay stretched out. How does he do it! :<)

We have a beautiful day here today in this part of WI - so much cooler at only 62 degrees. But it is sunny and looks like it will be a great weekend! Fall is on the way - and although I will be moaning and groaning at having to clean the snow from the car and move it, again and again, I am now enjoying the absence of that heat and humidity! Wishing you a happy day!



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ike said...

OMGoodness - isn't he adorable ? :-) He's grown into such a handsome guy. I just LUV all his silly sleep positions :-D

IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx