My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Stationary Box Gift Set


I am back once again from Brandy's. This trip I did not work on any projects - tried my hand at quilling and love it - but most of the time worked on artwork with Jim or the needlework/ plastic canvas wall hanging we are making for his room.

Here are the photos of my latest stationary box gift set. Hope you like it. :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

Wishing you a good day!

I will be trying to catch up on looking at your blogs today to see what wonderful projects you are creating! :<) I have been working on another doll and need to get back to 'her' and also do some paper crafting!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

This is great. I love that paper. I'm working on one of these, but it's not turning out that well. TFS.

Gaby said...

Hi Barbara,

welcome back home. Good to read you again.
Your stationary set is really lovely.
I like the warm colors.

Have a great week!

Creative said...

Stunning project! Beautiful!


Helen said...

Love this one. The papers are very pretty. I love the way you saved the branch. Make me wanted to make one right now!

Cheryl Kosakura said...

What a beautiful box and paper. I so enjoy your work!
Thank you!

duendes said...

Hi i loved your's so beautiful and colorful :)
Big Hugs

duendes said...

Hello Barbara, thanks for your kindness I loved her box this wonderful you have a special gift.
Ferruccio is traveling,soon put the photo on the blog.I hope you.

Joani said...

Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! I love the paper that you used!! Thanks so much for sharing your stationary box ~ it's wonderful!
Have a great day!!

Cami said...

Oh my, this is a beautiful stationery gift box and set. Look at all the beautiful items. It must have taken you a while to finish all this! Whoever the recipient is, is very lucky! Hugs, Cami

Michelle said...

Sorry I have not visited in a while, days are just crazy here at the moment. This set is beautifu. I love this stationary box and I must try making one someday. The paper you have used is lovely.