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My Whimcees

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Doll Arrives At My Studio

The background for this story "A Love Story - Little Doll and Fat Cat" begins on the July 21 posting.


We begin the story with Little Doll's arrival to my studio.

At our doll club meeting for the fourth stage of the Paper Bag Challenge, I received in the last exchange this tiny little doll to take home with me - to make her accessories and/or prop to display her. On holding her for the first time in my hand, so small and so delicate - with the sweetest expression, I thought "What a lovely little doll." Such a little lady, so prim and proper - her posture was excellent. I felt immediately that this was a special doll.

So I brought her back to my apartment, took her out of her paper bag and set her on one of the cups holding some of my art supplies on my work table. I said "Welcome to my home. This is my studio where I will be working to create something for you." "Thank you." she said, in her sweet little voice. "You are very kind." She shifted around, trying to make herself comfortable and said, "Something's not right." I saw that the flower petals around her waist were a bit bunched up in one place and told her "I think I see what the problem is. I can fix that, here let me remove this double petal that somehow has become twisted in the seam."

I picked up my small sewing scissors and cut out the double petal and right away the waist of her dress became smooth and the seam lay flat. "Thank you!" she said again, "That has been bothering me for a long time. It feels so much better now." I told her she was very welcome and as I was holding the double petal in my hand, I thought what a pretty hat it would make for her - to match her dress. A hat was an accessory! When I told her of my idea she instantly agreed and said, "That would be lovely!" So I fashioned a hat from the petals, put it on her head and there she sat, like a princess. I thought again, "What a lovely little doll." I said to her, "How would you feel about being called Little Doll?" "I would be most pleased." she said - and Little Doll became her name.

I said to Little Doll, "As you can see, there are many other dolls who live here and you will soon meet them, but first I want you to meet Lady G." Lady G was a small giraffe doll that had lived with me for many years. She had been made for me by one of my sisters and over time had become a 'mother figure' to all the other dolls who lived in my studio - welcoming each new one as they were created or came to live with me from another artist - lending an ear when issues needed to be discussed. That sort of thing. So I thought that meeting Lady G would help Little Doll (for that was now her name) feel not quite so strange, coming once again to stay at another new home. Also, Lady G being a small doll herself, I thought that this might make it easier for Little Doll to relate to her as some of my other dolls were quite large in size in comparison and might be a bit intimidating.

So I brought Lady G to meet Little Doll and after the introductions I said to Lady G, "Why don't you show Little Doll your bird collection? I have to make some adjustments to Little Doll's new hat (I had noticed it sat a bit crooked), so why don't you sit on this bench to visit and I will bring the birds to you." Lady G collected very colorful little birds and I thought that sharing her collection would be a good way for the two of them to get to know one another and help to put Little Doll at ease. I settled both dolls on the bench, brought the bird collection to them and took Little Doll's hat to work on. "These are my little birds" said Lady G, as she put them carefully on Little Doll's lap. Little Doll thought they were beautiful! "They are so tiny and cute!" she said. When Lady G asked if she would like to chose one for her very own, Little Doll was thrilled! "But it is going to be so hard to decide - they are all so lovely!" said Little Doll. "Just take your time deciding" said Lady G "let them sit on your lap and hop about a bit while we visit and soon you will know which one is meant for you."

So Lady G and Little Doll sat and chatted, while the small birds first sat on Little Doll's lap and then jumping down, they would hop about - making small bird noises and looking around. Talking away, Lady G and Little Doll had moved from the bench to sit on the work table to be closer to the birds. Suddenly the red bird flew up in the air and perched on Little Doll's hand. "Oh! I think this is the one!" Little Doll said, "I guess he chose ME! It will be the red bird that will be mine."

Lady G thought this was a wonderful choice, perfect in every way, and as she picked up the other birds so they could be returned to where Lady G sat on her shelf, the red bird again flew into the air to sit on Little Doll's shoulder - as if he had always belonged there! Little Doll was so happy! "Oh! I know I am going to like it here! she said. "I already have a new friend and my very own red bird!" "And I know we will love having you here," said Lady G. "I can't wait for you to meet eveyone!" "She will soon enough," I said. "In the meantime I have finished your new hat, Little Doll!" And with her new hat on her head, her new friend at her side and her new red bird on her shoulder - Little Doll started her first day here.

When the story continues tomorrow, Little Doll and Lady G put there heads together to decide what I should create for Little Doll. She really doesn't need accessories - she came with a neckace, earrings and tiny beads sewn to her dress. She has shoes. And now she even has a new hat. Should they make a prop to display Little Doll? And if so, what should it be?

Thanks for stopping by today!

Barbara Diane


Michelle said...

ooh, I'm loving this story!

craftycrafter said...

oh wow Barbara she is beautiful, I bet it was so hard to turn the body the right side after you had stitched it, and the face is amazing, can you tell I love it, take care love Dorothy

Love crafts forever said...

Ah Barbara. This girl just adorable. You did an amazing job. Love her. Hugs, Nataliya.

duendes said...

Hi Barbara,Lady G and are wonderful little doll, and even their friendship .big hugs.

Rhonda Miller said...

What a fun story. Both are so sweet.

Mari@ said...

You had a funny idea :o) Your doll with her story is lovely. Hugs