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My Whimcees

Friday, July 23, 2010

Little Doll's Display

The background for this story "A Love Story - Little Doll and Fat Cat" begins on the July 21st posting.

The next morning found the two new friends back sitting on the bench, having a wonderful time - talking and laughing. Little Doll's lovely red bird was once again perched on her shoulder and Lady G's small dove was sitting on her lap. As I came into the studio I said to them both, "Good Morning ladies! I am happy to see you both looking so well! Today we need to discuss what I will be creating for Little Doll. This fourth and final stage of the Paper Bag Challenge I am to make Little Doll's accessories - but we have a problem! She already had a necklace and earrings and tiny beads sewn on her dress when she came to me! She even had shoes! I think that the last person who had Little Doll, who was only to create her features and hair, got carried away! And now I have already created her a hat. Surely, that can't be all I can make for her!"

"Oh dear!" said Little Doll "she did seem to be unable to stop! What will you do!" "Let me think a minute" I said. Then I remembered that a prop to display Little Doll was also considered an accessory! I could make that for Little Doll! So I told them of this and asked what they thought and they both thought that it was a great idea! "But what should it be?" asked Little Doll. "Yes" said Lady G, "What should it be?" "Well" I said, "Why don't I think on this while I have my toast and coffee and while I am doing that, you two should put your heads together to see what ideas you can come up with." "O.K" they said at the same time and off I went to have my breakfast and think - which is much easier to do after I have had my coffee.

When I returned, they both looked up at me with hope in their eyes. "Did you think of what to make?" asked Lady G. "Yes, did you come up with an idea for the display?" asked Little Doll, "I guess I am not very good with this kind of thing" she said. "Nor I" said Lady G. "Well, I thought maybe a garden would be nice" I said. "You know, with flowers and such - where you could be sitting." "I love it!" said Little Doll, "I love flowers!" "You would look so pretty!" said Lady G. "Can I help make it?" asked Little Doll, "I am a very neat worker!" "I would rather watch if you please" said Lady G. I told Little Doll that of course she could help me make the display, I would be happy for the help. And that it would be just fine for Lady G to watch. "But first we need to make a basic shape" I told them. So we started to look about the studio, in the drawers and on the shelves. "Here is a block of foam" I said to Little Doll, "Lets start with that." And we began to create the shape. Little Doll, being so small, could not hold the heavy carving tool, so I took charge of that and she used her hand to scoop out the foam. Red bird sat on her shoulder to help give directions and together we made the basic shape that would become the garden.

"That was great fun!" said Little Doll, "I think that is just right!" she said as she observed the completed shape from where she sat on the work table. "What do you think Lady G? Do you think so? Is it the right size for me?" "It looks to me like it would be just right" said Lady G, "but why don't you sit yourself down on it and try it out for size." Red bird fluttered his wings and made bird noises to show that he agreed.

So Little Doll did just that. She sat her tiny self upon the foam block that we had carved, arranged her skirt around her and pronounced it "Perfect!"

"Now I need to cover the foam with PaperClay" I said. "It will create a smooth surface that can then be painted." "Can I help?" asked Little Doll, "I'll be very careful. As you can see, I am a very neat worker." "Yes, you certainly are" I said, "but the clay is used with water and is very messy and I do not want you to ruin your beautiful dress." Little Doll was disappointed, but after talking it over with Lady G she agreed that it was better if she and Lady G just watched me do this part of the construction of the display. So I covered the carved foam shape with the PaperClay and smoothed out all the corners. "Now" I said, "we will need to leave it overnight to dry. So you and Lady G enjoy the rest of the day and tomorrow we paint!"

The next morning found both Lady G and Little Doll waiting anxiously for me to come into the studio. "Is it time to paint? asked Little Doll excitedly. "Can I help? I know I can hold the brush, as it is not so heavy as the carving tool. Can I, can I?" Lady G was just as excited and said, "You know she is a very neat worker, I think you should let her try." So, looking through all of the paint brushes on my work table until I found one small enough and light enough for Little Doll to handle, I gave it to her and showed her how to dip the brush into the paint and brush it over the clay layer. We had decided on the color green, as it was to be a garden of course. Little Doll was a quick learner and soon she was brushing away like a pro. "I love this!" she said, "this is so much fun! Look how pretty it is Lady G! Do you like this color?" "I do like it" said Lady G, "very much. It looks just like green grass. It will be lovely!" Red bird fluttered his wings.

And so the display shape was carved, covered with clay and painted. And Little Doll, being the neat worker that she is, helped. And she was very happy.

Thanks for stopping by today!

In the next chapter, Lady G and Little Doll must come up with a plan of how to decorate the display to create a garden. And after that, we meet Fat Cat.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Barbara Diane


Rhonda Miller said...

How fun. I think she will be lovely in her garden. I can't wait for tomorrow.

craftycrafter said...

I love the story of little doll look forward to hearing more of her tales Hlen will be thrilled you like her blog and my little dog is a cross his father was a caine and his mother a little cream mongrel,he has been a beautiful little dog all his life he is getting to be an old man now he is 15, deaf,and almost blind but the vet says we are not giving up on him yet love Dorothy

fairyhel77 said...

hello barbara,thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind words. i love your work i especially love the "for Troy" and mr kiss lovely. love helen xx

tmorrow said...

I love all your dolls and greatly aDMIRE all your talent. you are amazing.

Helen said...

Hello Barbara,

You are so creative in many ways. I enjoyed reading the story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

Have a great weekend.

Sandee said...

Your little creations are so wonderful! Just enjoy visiting with you!

Kathy Czygan said...

Hi Barbara! I just want you to know that I've been following your story about Little Doll, her new friend Lady G and the adorable little red bird and Lady G's little dove. I so admire the love that you put into your beautiful art! You make these darling creatures come to life for us! Thank you for the beautiful story and I can hardly wait to see the garden! I love how Little Doll is so willing to help! So, So, cute!

xosparklesxo said...

What a sweet story this is, I'm really enjoying it :)

Michelle said...

I am enjoying this story very much. I look forward to the rest.