My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Anna's Birthday Gift


I am back home from my stay with Brandy. It was great to be able to spend time with her again and I was sad to leave her to return home, but took with me good memories. The weather was beautiful - more like early fall than a sweltering WI August - so it was lovely to be outside in the yard and also working on my projects in the house, with the wonderful breeze coming in the patio door.

Today I am posting photos of the birthday set I made for my good friend Anna. I wanted to make her something special to show her my appreciation for all that she is and all that she does and gave much thought to what she might like. So much thought in fact, that it was late for her birthday! :<}

Anna loves cats. Her cats are her children - in addition to her two grown sons :<} - and she now has eight. There is Callie, Fuzzy, Jinx, Bob, Skippy, Fido, Miss Kitty and Biscuit. They live very secure and happy lives within this family and receive never ending love and care from their 'mom' and their 'brother Andrew'. The care that is given them by Anna is an example of the care and attention she gives to all those she loves - cats and people. She is one of the most giving people I know and does so without fanfare or notice - she is just there when someone is in need and she does all that she can to help. She goes above and beyond. I have been blessed with her frienship. She is special.

So, what to make her! I thought of and rejected many ideas and finally I decided to make her a Magic Box with a cat inside and a card with cats. But how to present the cat inside the box? What kind of card to hold so many cats?

Here is the result. I hope that she liked it and I hope that you enjoy the photos!

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope that you enjoyed the cats! :<}

You might have noticed that the number of cats in the box and the card only totaled 7 - the number of cat stamps I owned. When I realized this, I panicked for a moment and then decided the 8th cat is Miss Kitty and as she is shy, she is hiding behind the card. I think she is also a bit of a Diva and so will appear to surprise Anna some day when she least expects it! On a card of her own! :<}

Wishing you a good one! Tomorrow I will have the first of my new projects that I worked on while staying with Brandy.

Take care.

Barbara Diane


Cassie said...

Hi Barbara,
I have been reading your blog for about a week or so now. And your talent truly amazes me. Your work is breathtaking and your love of craft so pure.
I missed your posts while you were with Brandy, but being a dog lover and owner of two labrador retrievers it would have been good for you to go visit.
Anyway welcome back. Lovely work yet again.

sandi maciver said...

OMG - this is the CUTEST project I have seen in a very very long time, I will be casing this for sure. My mom us a HUGE cat lover and would absolutely adore that card.

Anonymous said...

"Blush" Blush"

THis is absolutely the most amazing card I have ever seen and now Barbara, you have gone and embarassed me with your compliments. Thank you thank you thank you from ALL of us! Miss Kitty does appreciate being acknowledge even if she is shy ... slthough since we have moved to the frozen northland she is becoming more sociable by the day!!

Thanks again,


Joyce Spear said...

WOW!!! What an awesome project! I love the design, I love the colors, I love the kitties, I love everything about this! Amazing! Well done!!

Dawn said...

Oh this is a great project, I am such a cat lover and just would love to make this for my daughter. Do you sell the pattern for the magic box?

Helen said...

Wow, Barbara another stuning project. I think this magic box is going to be my next project.

Bridget Larsen said...

Your work is absolutely gorgeous Barbara, thanks for sharing it with us

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

Now this is the most amazing Magic Box ever! I will definitely be casing this project. Anna is such a very blessed person to have you in her life as well. And we are all blessed to have such a talented person share all of her beautiful, thoughtful gifts! Thank you!