My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, December 18, 2009

All White Card for Wreath


When I had finished this all white card, the early morning sun was across my work table. The sunlight was hitting a suncatcher hanging in the window and it sent this lovely soft light across the card. The reflection across the card looked so pretty that I took the photographs of the card in this natural light.

I gave the card with this wreath to a friend.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Tomorrow I have photos to share that a very nice woman sent to me of a origami wreath she made using my tutorial. I love hearing from others!

Barbara Diane


Cindy said...

Beautiful card, Barbara Diane! and one day when things settle down after the holidays, I will be trying your wreath out! So glad you have the instructions here on your blog!

Gaby said...

Hello Barbara,

you are right. The light on that card is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

And your wreath is pretty, too. I still didn't have time to try, but I sure will.

Have a nice weekend.

Creations by Patti said...

Love the white card............very elegant!!! Must be even mo better in person. TFS

helen said...

The white card is absolutely beautiful! Your friend must feel very special.

Ellen Kemper said...


Wow card! and Wow Photo of it!

Carol said...

Hi Barbara: It seems I have been missing out here at your blog. I am in between cookie batches in the oven and catching up. I love this white on white card...just is my favorite color card to do white on white. The photography is wonderful. Thanks so much.


Ellen said...

This card is stunning! You are so creative. Also your Magnolia stamp cards are the outstanding. Thanks for sharing your talent.