My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Friday, December 4, 2009

My 4th and Second Large Wreath


My 4th wreath - the second large one - was fun to make, although it took me forever to decorate! I have found that when one uses multiple colors/patterns of paper on a project such as this wreath, that it is VERY difficult to decide what to do when decorating it.

I used all my Bo Bunny dotted papers to make this wreath! 12 sheets (2 of 6 different colors) of 12 x 12 paper that I had just purchased not long ago and was going to save for something special. Well, I did make something special with it - but I wasn't planning on using ALL of it on one project! :<) Then, when it came time to decorate the wreath, I was blank. I wanted it to be as special as the wreath. It took me all day, of first one idea discarded and then another.

Finally I saw a snowman in a snowglobe stamp that I had not used yet and that was it! Now, it was how to use it to put on the wreath? I stamped the image on white CS, used an embossing pen on the sky and added glitter, used a glue pen on the snowman and added glitter and then applied Liquid Applique to the snow and the ball at the end of his hat. I used my SU markers to color his hat and scarf. I decided to use just the top of the snow globe as an ornament and so removed the bottom of the globe when I cut them out.

When I put the finished ornaments onto the wreath they just looked too plain and didn't really compliment the beautiful papers. They didn't look right with just a hanger or ribbon bow on top. I knew they needed a border or frame but of what? I looked through all my supplies about a hundred times and then I saw the new MS snowflake punch that I also had not used yet! I tried white and that didn't work. I thought I know, I would use the colors of the papers!

I was amazed that I was able to match the Bo Bunny papers with SU colored CS but it worked and so punched snowflakes from the colored CS and alternated the colors of the snowflakes in the order that they were on the wreath and attached them to a white circle that was then glued under the snowman ornament - but it still didn't feel right. So I looked through all my drawers again and again - discarding one thing after another - until I came to the snowballs. Aha! I added them to the wreath and gave one to each snowman and here is the finished wreath. I hope that you like it! :<)

Thanks for stopping by!

I will post the tutorial on Monday - and I still have the remaining small wreaths to share with you. :<) I am so taken by this origami that I am looking at all the videos/tutorials I can find and I am busy making flowers, etc. It is magic to me to see how one can just fold a piece of paper and create something beautiful! :<) But then, I think when I watch heat embossing turn from powder to glaze that this is magical too!

Barbara Diane


Mary said...

You are so sweet. Yes I have been a slacker posting on my blog. I just don't have as much time the past few weeks plus I am working on the cricut and not all my stuff is blog worthy yet. lol I am giving my niece a baby shower this weekend and then I will have more time to play.
The family is great! I hope yours is the same. How did your son like his snow globe?

helen said...

Hi Barbara,

I didn't have time for my blog post but I have to check what you have to share today. Love this one very much!

Isn't it amazing how a plant piece of paper can turn into with just a few folds! That was why I am so hooked with origami. You should try ribbon origami next.

Gaby said...

Hi Barbara,

that wreath turned out really beautiful.
I love the idea of a snowflake-frame.

Have a great weekend!


PS: I found something for you. This link describes pretty much the star I've made. Maybe that already helps you.