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My Whimcees

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update on Stephanie and Mr. Nielson


I have written before about this wonderfully brave woman Stephanie Nielson, her husband whom she calls Mr. Nielson and their four beautiful children. A year ago Stephanie and her husband Christian were in an airplane accident in which their they were both seriously burned - Stephanie over 83 percent of her body - and their friend and fellow pilot Doug Kinneard was killed.

Jamiee Rose has been following and writing of Stephanie's story for the past year and you can see the videos and read the chapters of the inspiring story she has written "Coming Back: A year after surviving a fiery plane crash— a year filled with heartache and hope —a mother of four slowly regains her footing." at this site:

Stephanie also has a blog, which I check every day. She started it before the accident - writing about her experiences of being a wife and mother. After the accident, one of her sisters continued to post updates of Stephanie and Christian's progress and once she had returned home Stephanie again picked up the posting. Please do check out this corageous and lovely woman's blog - you will be glad that you did.

Wishing you a good evening. I will see you again tomorrow.

Barbara Diane

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