My Whimcees

My Whimcees

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My First Origami Wreath


I saw this origami wreath on a children's craft video some time ago and fell in love with the shape of it. Most wreaths are flat, but this one has depth AND an image can be inserted into the center! I loved that idea! Of course, you can leave the center open as in a traditional wreath, but the first one I finished I wanted to have a center image. My friend Michelle gifted me with this great stamp set and the little guy and his Christmas tree was perfect for the center image.

I say, 'the first one' because I got so caught up in the folding and creating and trying to remember what to do after what, that I made two large wreaths and 3 smaller ones before I stopped! I just kept on folding and folding and interlocking the pieces to form wreaths - it was such fun! I found out that I LOVE origami! :<) This first wreath I have to share with you is one of the smaller ones. Each interlocking piece starts with a square and I used a 4" square to make the pieces for this one. I then used a large circle punch to make the center piece of CS that has the stamped/marker colored image on it. The flowers are made using a small flower punch, which I layered and then added a sparkle dot center.

You can see in this photo the wonderful depth of the wreath. Each side is as great looking as the other. I glued a two-sided circle image in the center and on this side of the wreath the image is recessed . . . .

. . . . and on this side it was up against the side of the wreath.

Look at the wonderful depth of this wreath! I love it!

The first one went on my apartment door when it was finished. :<)

Thanks for stopping by today!

Over the next few days I will have different versions of this wreath to share with you. This was my first origami project. I hope that you liked it Helen, my friend who is the Origami Queen! :<)

One of tomorrow's wreaths is a bit more elegant. Some are whimsical. Two more small and two large wreaths to share with you. Then on Friday I will have the tutorial. :<)

Barbara Diane


Creations by Patti said...

VERY Nice and I know this is a LOT of work folding and tucking. I was back East and there was someone makign small sizes of these - wow - lots of pieces!!! Great job!

Jackie Thomas said...

Oh how adorable. You are one very talented lady. xo Jackie

helen said...

Love it Barbara! I saw a similar one at Joann Fabric but your wreath is much better. Me an origami queen! I don't think so. If you check other origami blogs, my work were like kid's play.