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My Whimcees

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Part II: Origami Wreath Tutorial


We are preparing here in WI for a big winter storm! Light snow now with a winter storm warning by noon today - very heavy snow/winds by tonight and into tomorrrow. First the forecast was for 5" of snow, then 8" and now up to 12-15" in places! I hope those places are not here! I need to try to reschedule appointments for today and cancel one on Wednesday - and prepare for many trips outside for lots of snow removal from my car!

But today I also have Part II of the Origami Wreath Turtorial for you. I hope you enjoy! :<)

To begin to make the origami wreath, you will start where I left off yesterday. The measuring sheet has been made and now you begin to use it to measure the first two folds of each of the 12 squares that will become the 12 individual interlocking pieces that are needed to make the origami wreath. You can use any size square that you like to make your wreath, I used 6" squares to make my small wreaths and 12" squares for the large wreaths.

To start, place the left edge of the first square under the end fold of the measuring sheet - with the side you want to show facing down (it's a stripe pattern on the other side).

Fold the edge on the right over to meet the edge of this fold. The side you want to show will be facing up (the stripe).

Open the sheet, turn it a full half turn so that the folded side is now on the right and place the open left edge under the end fold of the measuring sheet. (You are folding two sides that are opposite each other).

Fold this new right edge to meet the end fold on the measuring sheet (a repeat of what you just did on the first side). Once again, the side you want to show will be facing up (the stripe).

Put aside the measuring sheet until you start to fold the next square. This sheet will be used to measure the first two folds of each piece.

Open the square again and you should now have two folds running side by side down the center of the square with a space in between.

If you were to bend the two sides - one either side of the two folds - towards each other, with the side you want to show on the outside, it would look like this from the end.

Open the square with the side you want to show face down and fold each of the top corners forward and down to meet (along the length) of the center fold line that is nearest that corner. The folded corners will now be the side of the paper you want to show. The width between the two center folds will remain an open space between the two folded corners.

Fold the edge of the square up to meet the bottom edge of the two corners.

Now fold the bottom edge up once again to meet the bottom edge of the two corners - creating a double fold that runs along the bottom of the square.

Without moving your square, open this double fold and place it up and over the two corners. The side of the paper you want to show (the stripe) will still be on the top.

Leaving the folds in place, turn the entire square over so that the back side is now face up.

Fold the two corners forward and down so that all the paper that is showing now is the side you want to show. This print is difficult to see clearly, but you can see corners because the stripe in the folded corners is running up and down and on the rest of the folded paper the stripe is going across.

There is a fold at the bottom running across at the base of the two corners - fold this bottom edge up and over the two folded corners. It should now look like a paper hat. :<)

Turn this piece over - it will look like this, with the folded up edge now on the underside.

Bend each side forward at the double center fold. It will bend easily - then crease these center fold lines to make them sharp. You now have your first finished piece! This is a front view . . . .

. . this is a side view. Now repeat this process with the remaining 11 squares so that you have a total of 12 folded pieces just like the one below. :<) These 12 pieces will form your wreath.
To interlock the pieces to form your wreath, take two of the pieces - place one behind the other.

With the second folded piece held behind the the first folded piece, slip the ends of the folded bottom edge of the back piece under the two cross folds of the first piece. Be sure to slip a corner of the second piece under BOTH of the cross folds.

Then push the second folded piece forward until it can't go any further and they are interlocked.

Take the next folded piece and attach it in the same manner. Continue this with the remaining folded pieces until they form the wreath - attach the ends of the first folded piece into the cross folds of the last folded piece to complete the circle.

I have made a third folded piece to illustrate how the continuation of interlocked pieces begins to form your wreath.

When you have all 12 folded pieces interlocked, gently push them all together to create a tight circle and now your wreath is complete! :<) Time now to decorate! I hope you were able to follow this tutorial - some of the steps may be confusing. If you have any questions, just send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tomorrow it's back to cards and some new projects waiting to be completed! :<)

Barbara Diane


Mary said...

Very nice job. I hope I can find the time in the next few days to give this a try.

Jeni C Slack (^0^) said...

This is such a Pretty Wreath Ornament! Great tutorial too, I hope to try it soon :) Thanks so much for stopping by my page, best~Jeni

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Such a pretty wreath ornament!! Love your colors! Great tutorial. I will have to try this!

Creations by Patti said...

Wow - great tutorial..........I knew this was a lot of work but the results are so great! TFS

lconner said...

Just wanted to thank you for this tutorial and bringing the wreaths to my attention. I made one Saturday morning and liked it so much I immediately went and cut paper for 6 more. I have made xstitch ornaments for family and friends at xmas for 30 years now. By using 4" squares and putting a small square of xstitch fabric in the center opening of the wreath I'm able to combine my xstitch with my recent obsession, scrapbooking. It makes a great ornament. Next up is making one or 2 of the 12" wreaths. Thanks again. I LOVE making these and I'm pretty sure the people who get them will like it too.